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Where Have all the Golfers Gone?

Took a leisurely stroll around my apartment complex to enjoy the last sun and heat we’ll see for a few days. My neighborhood is normally quiet and peaceful, but today it’s eerily so. The golfers weren’t out golfing. A family was loading up their car to head out of town. And one apartment has plywood over the windows. Such panic and upset on an otherwise lovely day. Damn you, impending doom!

It’s nice to know someone mourns the trees. (free registration may be required) But who’s going to look after the anoles, frogs, and alligators? Poor reptiles and amphibians.

Labor Day Weekend Ruined

Hey! Great News! Orlando Metroblog is up ahead of schedule so we can post entries about how everyone in Central Florida will die this Labor Day Weekend…and it won’t be the result of drunk drivers.

Instead, it will be the result of the drunken Frances who keeps wobbling around the Atlantic trying to decide; “Should I hit land at Vero? Should I hit land at Melbourne? Should I hit land at…?” The only sure thing is she WILL hit land and being the size of Texas means all of Central Florida will feel some of her impact.

So, we’re all battening down the hatches and tying down the wives and kids and planning on watching the pets fly through the air with the greatest of ease, just your normal everyday hurricane fun.

Seriously though, most people (other than my moronic neighbor) are taking steps to try to see their way safely through Frances, which is expected to be much worse than Charley was a scant 3 weeks ago. The airport is closing at noon tomorrow, theme parks are closing at 3pm tomorrow and today I saw several gas stations already closed because they ran out of gas.

I’ll be trying to post here again tomorrow, but Saturday is iffy and most likely a lot of us Orlando bloggers will be without power after Saturday night, so if you don’t hear from us on Sunday just hope that we weren’t washed out to sea by the winds and flooding rains.

Ocala checking in

Three weeks ago we got word that Charley would be coming right through Ocala and it barely rained… here we go again. That doesn’t mean that I’m taking this lightly, although I’ve learned through the years that what you need to do is prepare the best you can, learn where the shelter is should you need it and stock up on the booze. I prefer red wine with my hurricanes. You don’t need anything but a glass and a corkscrew – no ice to worry about should you lose electricity, no mixers to keep cold. Very low tech, very hurricane friendly.

Here’s hoping it turns and goes out to sea. *clink*

A Bumpy Ride

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the majority of us Orlando MetroBloggers are probably working fervently to secure our homes in preparation for the onslaught of Hurricane Frances. Maybe one or two of us will be able to do some blogging during the storm… for sure we’ll be posting afterward. Charley hit us pretty hard about three weeks ago and we’re still smarting.

Here’s to a safe ride.

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Just because most of the tourists who planned on taking a trip to Disney this Labor Day weekend prior to school starting up north have now cancelled their plans, it doesn’t mean we get to bask in the glow of light traffic and empty hotels. With more than a million people being ordered to evacuate from the coast, we’re going to have plenty of company coming to the City Beautiful.

What’s worse is they’ll all be coming and drinking our booze, because alcohol sales have been suspended in the evacuation area starting Friday night to prevent “hurricane parties”.

“We’ve had so many problems in past storms with people having hurricane parties,” said Joan Heller, spokeswoman for Brevard County’s Emergency Operations Center. “Frankly, we have much bigger fish to fry than dealing with a lot of drunks.”

So, take cover, guys. A lot of scared sober drunks are headed our way!

[ Seriously, stay safe. If one good thing came out of Charley, it reminded us how dangerous these things really are. ]

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