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Here we go… again?

Not really the news anyone here in Florida wants to hear -I know I didn

Will Beans Work?

I was actually almost an hour late for work today. Why? Because I was on a mission to find gas. Driving on fumes and fuming, I am sitting here at work knowing I have an SUV out in the parking lot right now… that does not have any gasoline left in it. I’m almost desperate enough to try farting into it… almost.

The area where we live, northeast of UCF [University of Central Florida], was whacked hard by Charley. We did pretty well with Frances, though. Considering the fact that most of the trees that were going to fall had already fallen, they were not the problem this time. The biggest problem with Frances, as you can tell from previous posts, was waiting for the dang storm to actually hit us. Or hit anything.

I’m off to find gas. There’s rumor of a Citgo a bit down Tradeport Drive that has its pumps open…

Back To Civilization

Traveling around Orlando’s East Side today I saw some returns to normal and some remaining problem areas. The RaceTrac down the street from me started the day off with no power and 3 OUC trucks on the scene. By midday they were back up and running. Several traffic lights along 436 (Semoran) were out; some had police officers directing traffic, others didn’t. The ones that didn’t were filled with people who either were ignorant of the “treat intersections with non-working traffic signals as a four way stop” rule or simply decided such rules were not meant for them. To the guy in the white pickup truck; yes, I was telling you that you were number one. Now go get a real driver’s license or some common courtesy, whichever applies.

School here in Orlando will be out at least through Wednesday. They may as well revert to a year-round school schedule and be done with it for this year. A friend of mine in West Orlando told me he and his family were scheduled to have their power restored on the 13th!

And so it goes as we inch our way back to civilization.

The sun’ll come out, tomorrow…

Woo hoo! We have power back at Chez Norton. And no major damage. We are counting every blessing and knocking on every piece of wood we can find!!!

Storm Chaser


Life in Altamonte Springs

Although power was restored while I was out enjoying breakfast at a very, very busy Perkins restaurant, it went out again before getting home. Damage in the northern part of town where I live is minimal to moderate, with some structures taking some heavy damage but for the most part not. Charley basically wiped out most unstable structures and trees so Frances had little left to destroy. I have heard, however, that in parts of southern Orlando the damage is much more severe.

The Sun Will Come Out..Next Month

With apologies to Little Orphan Annie, it seems that we won’t see the sun for quite a while. Like Zee, I awoke at about the same time this morning (after doing so all night as well) to see torrential rains and winds out the window. I was up and down all night because of the roof damage we suffered and the resultant leaks in our living room and kitchen. Hourly checks of the ceiling for further leaks seemed prudent, but fortunately no new ones were found.

I’m not even in the mood to go out today, but if the rains ease up we will have to in order to try and buy a tarp to nail in places over the most damaged spots on the roof. Forecast calls for rain most of the week, and then we might be looking at Ivan next weekend, so it will need to be covered if possible if only so it can be blown off by hurricane number 9 of the season.

Everyone stay safe.

Rude awakening

It hasn

The Tropical Storm Formally Know as Hurricane Frances


Out and About

At about 3pm Blog Girl and I ventured out to the RaceTrac and 7-11 near us to see if anyone was open. Everything was closed up tight. We only saw 4 or 5 other cars on the road. At the urging of Sheriff Beary, Orange County Chairman Rich Crotty has increased the length of tonight’s curfew, moving it up from 9pm to 6pm so that now we have a 6 to 6 curfew. Sheriff Beary did his best to make it clear that no one should be on the roads, even now, by barking “STAY OFF THE ROADS!!!” from the podium at the news conference.

On our short trip out we did see some new damage from Frances, but nothing near the scope of the destruction that Charley visited on us. Several streetwater drains are clogged with debris, causing some localized flooding. A few trees have broken branches or limbs, but nothing was uprooted.

OIA has announced they will open at noon on Monday for people who already have tickets/reservations. Disney World says they will open on Monday, as will Sea World and Discovery Cove. I haven’t heard yet about Universal, but they and the Mouse are usually in lockstep on this type of thing.

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