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What Do You Like About Florida?

There was a story in the Orlando Sentinel about negative survey results from residents of Florida that basically was a laundry list of things that are bad about living in Florida. So, being a fanatic son of Florida who’s first inclination is to tell those “she-ca-go owned carpetbagger journalists to pack up and leave already iffin’ they don’t like it here.” But, since I’m not one to miss an opportunity to complain about the bad aspects either, I figure it would be more constructive to start a discussion into what is good about living here. I mean, I only complain about the bad because I love this state so much and I want all aspects of it to be better. So, if you are reading this, then you most likely live here for some reason or have some interest in the Sunshine State, so sound off. What do you like about Florida?

(Let’s keep it to what you LIKE about Florida, not extend the original article. If you want to hop on the bash Florida dog-pile, then go hit up the Sentinel’s Topix thread about it.)

World Trade Center Orlando

2003011510215064_1.jpgJust read that plans are underway to construct 2 towers along Lake Ivanhoe that will be called World Trade Center Orlando. From the article it says:

The Orlando City Council press secretary and the builder both said in no way was anyone suggesting these new buildings would reproduce the towers that were struck by planes in New York City.

But the website for the building seems to have Sept. 11th all over it, and from the way it reads, it is in fact a part of the World Trade Center corporation or group. I’m confused, is this indeed a World Trade Center? If so, why the public distancing?

The obvious thing I think that leaps to people’s minds is, does this make us a target now? Which may or may not be a silly notion, maybe that’s a good starter for discussion here. The other thing I think people are jumping on is that it is somehow a slap to the memory of the NY WTC victims. Honestly, before going to the website above I didn’t know there were multiple WTCs around the world. In that light, it really isn’t out of the ordinary for a city to have a WTC. Seems like some better level of PR should have been used by the city when answering the questions. I think more than anything people are just kind of confused, it all seems pretty sudden and out of the blue.

And, while I’m at it… WTC Orlando… man, you gotta step up that website! It is seriously jacked up in Firefox and even in Explorer its got major white space and quality issues. Not exactly screaming “world class business” to me, ya know?

A Church Street Follow Up


One of our readers was reading recently about entry from our author Terry Howard about the decline of Church Street Station. You can read that entry “>HERE.

This concerned reader wanted to place a comment about this and put in his 2 cents worth, but our system closes out comments after a certain amount of time to avoid spamming bots from trashing this site. But in the interest of letting him, Mark Dollard, have a say in this, I am copying and pasting his remarks below. Thank you Mark for your story suggestion and we appreciate your observations:

In regards to Terry Howard’s blog on Church Street Station as my “Comments are not allowed on this entry.” I have seen Church Street Station go from a lively place to a forgotten place in as little as seven years. The Station was sold by Bob Snow to the Pearlman team some years ago. The Exchange itself has been renovated and replaced by Pearlman’s executive offices. There is retail space available there and some businesses have made their way inside. Regardless, this end of town is under heavy construction. Yes indeed, I do own and operate Absinthe Bistro and Bar, located inside what used to be the Bumby Arcade.

In fact, I have two business located inside the same building. The Cafe, which is located inside the old Ice Cream Parlor, and the Bistro in the back, a total of ten thousand square feet in all. My partners and I have spent considerable money restoring the old fixtures and a fair amount of elbow grease cleaning it up. I have invested my money in two restaurants here and would not have done so if I did not think we would see some kind of return in the next few years. The condos under construction will do well for us. The new performing arts center and stadium just down street will most definitely bring us in some diners. That is the long term plan.

Pearlman is a landlord and has no intention of “bring back the old days.” Bob Snow used to have a vested interest in the entire place. All of the entertainment and venues were advertised as a whole under a co-op. So in other words it functioned as a unit instead of individually owned businesses scraping by to make some black on the P&L statement. I am working toward the same end. There will be “revitalization” at Church Street Station. This time although we are competing with the theme parks and their own “downtowns.” Believe me, Disney and Universal will do anything it takes to capture the dollars that are staying in their own hotels. So with that, I cannot agree more with the aforementioned statement. “Support what is left, or stare into the face of Brunswick, Ga.”

I am here, my food is fantastic and not one entree is more than $18. My bar is killer and yes Absinthe is illegal although we have the closest thing we can serve without being arrested and shut down. My audience varies from the young and hip to the business guy looking to impress his client. I have the only underground wine cellar in the city that you can actually have dinner in! Thank you “jaffe” for the kudos on the poached pears. My menu is based on what I like to eat and cook. Nearly 20 years in the kitchen have given me the ability to produce the best Bistro style food in the city, and it will not break the bank account to eat it either. Mark Dollard Chef/Owner Absinthe Bistro and Bar

I, for one, will be down there this weekend… checking it out. Won’t you all join me?

Superman Returns Premiere

Superman Returns premieres tonight. Here’s a list of theaters doing the premiere at 10PM instead of the usual midnight:

Will it fly or will it flop?

Swan Lakeland vs. The Alligators

(George Skene, OS Staff)

Alligators are killing Lakeland’s iconic swans

The attacks are just one more example of prehistoric alligators clashing with modern Florida [my emphasis]. A gator bit an Apopka man in the head earlier this month, and three people were killed by alligators in May.

No animal is more precious to Lakeland than the swan. The city spends about $10,000 a year feeding the graceful waterfowl, some of which have lineage from a royal flock in England. It also maintains a breeding program. A veterinarian puts microchips in the swans to help keep track of them, and the city takes regular head counts

It’s called nature you fools, and they were here first. So let me get this straight though, the folks in Lakeland are angry that the creatures native to this state are eating the creatures that are foreign to the area and were only brought here for asthetics?

Clashing with modern Florida? We encroached upon their environment, not the other way around. Hmm, I know another group that perhaps that $10,000 might serve a little better.

OCSO to release info on juvenile sex offenders

The Orange County Sheriffs Office, if I understand correctly, Orange County is the only County in FL to release information regarding juvenile sex offenders. This will be taking place next week.

I stopped by the OCSO site, and followed the link to search the registry, typed in my zip code, and waited for the results. I was sickened to see that in the first page alone, 7 of the sexual predators listed live close to home. Seven. They

Are You Out There?

I’ve been noticing that the majority of comments made on the posts here are from those of us who are authors on the site. I want to believe that we’re not the only ones who read the posts…

So, please do me a favor.

For those of you who come here regularly [or not] and read what’s put up here — uncloak and let us hear from you. Let’s have all of you de-lurk for a while and just send us a comment on this post. You don’t have to divulge anything, just give us a shout-out.

Thanks! OK — it’s mostly for me, but I’m pretty sure Solonor whines about it when he thinks no one is listening.

..:Open Thread:..

In response to those that still wish to discuss such things, this is an open thread you can use to discuss Drew Garabo, ClearChannel, and any other talk radio related topics.

I just grew tired of moderating a bunch of lame comments.
drew garabo, clear channel, radio, talk, WTKS, cancelled, drew, the drew show
Please keep it civil, or at least witty.


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