Up From the Depths: Club Paris

A blogger wonders aloud: “What Happened To Club Paris?”

I remember it well. I was in town for the holidays, back before I moved here, and we were watching the NYEve coverage. Every half-hour or so, they’d cut in with a local report from Club Paris, where Paris Hilton herself was allegedly supposed to appear.

Some mid-level functionary of Orlando’s city government was standing outside with a key to the city, looking more excited than any middle-aged woman should ever look when faced with the prospect of meeting Paris Hilton.

She stood all evening, until even the news crews didn’t bother with her, and it was clear there would be no Paris in Club Paris.

That about sums up the whole project to me, right there.

I still think the Club Paris brand is a good idea–they just need to put one in Vegas to start. Preferably in the trashiest hotel on the strip.

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  1. Terry Howard (orl_terry) on March 25th, 2008 @ 8:26 am

    It’s been since revamped into some other venue, the name escapes me now. As I understand it though, it is much more successful in it’s current incarnation than it was in the previous appropriately furnished bed adorned metrosexual appletini factory.

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