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Only 2.5 Hours.

So why didn’t anyone tell me the Burt Reynolds & Friends Museum is only two and a half hours away, in Jupiter, FL?!?!?!

If I’d known that, I would not have built my own in my backyard.

Aquatica Reviewed

Local Disney expert and writer Kevin Yee has a comprehensive review of Aquatica, Sea World’s new water park.

I don’t really do water parks, cause I only swim in a T-shirt out of fear my pale, flaccid stomach will blind and disgust humanity in general, but if you’re into that sort of thing, it sounds fun.

2008 Orlando Winter Beerlympics Next Weekend

2008 Orlando Winter Beerlympics logo courtesy of Orlando Pub CrawlFor those that like to drink, or just saw way too much of movies like Beer Fest, this one may appeal to you:

Next weekend, on Saturday, Feb 23rd, Orlando Pub Crawl and Orlando Sport and Social Club present the 2008 Orlando Winter Beerlympics at the Wall St. Plaza downtown.

Teams of 4 members will compete against each other in events like Flip Cup, Beer Pong, and Speed Quarters for the chance to win $500 and bragging rights. Earn extra points for creative team uniforms.

Entry fees are $80 per team if you register together or you can buy and individual registration online in advance for $23.86 or $25 at the door and be placed on a team. The fee gets you unlimited Miller Lite draft all night and free cover to all of the Wall St. Plaza properties. If you just want to watch, normal cover to the WSP applies and you pay for your own drinks.

For more details or to sign up your team, visit the Orlando Pub Crawl website, where you’ll also find info on next month’s “Revenge of the Nerds”-themed pub crawl. I may have to do that one.

Disney’s Night Kingdom

As always, Disney reporter and blogger Jim Hill has a tasty morsel of theme park gossip to gnosh upon. This Friday morning, it’s a piece detailing the possible fifth theme park at Walt Disney World, an experience-driven high-end environment known as Disney’s Night Kingdom.

Disney World’s next theme park will NOT be Villains themed and/or loaded with lots of coasters. But — rather — it will be an intimate, natural environment that then offers you the chance to have lots of personalized, hands-on, once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Jim suggests prices as high as $250-300 per person for an evening at this park, open tenatively from 4 p.m. to midnight. Of course, those buying a Disney vacation package would be offered lower pricing. Tickets would include a high-end gourmet meal at a themed restaurant and such experiences as riding a zipline over a pool of crocodiles a la Indiana Jones and spelunking in a cave filled with bats.

(Hell, if Disney’s gonna charge that much for intimate encounters with scary animals, come on over to my place sometime–I’ll let you feed our toddler when she’s had no nap for free.)

So…whaddaya think? Would you pay $250 for a Disney-style high-end encounter experience?

Play Rock Band on Valentine’s Day; Lose Love, Win Money

If you’re a pasty-skinned video game nerd who would like an excuse to hook up with that honey in your WoW guild who lives up the street, then perhaps the event below is for you. Also, if you’re cool and own an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and Rock Band, you might also like it. Me, I’m still making do with my NES emulator, so I’ll pass.

However, were the fine people at MTV, Virgin, or 1up willing to send me a fly new video game system and Rock Band set for free, I would happily attend, and would also play it every day, and write about it lovingly, as though it were a blood relation–a cousin, or my mother.

(I will say on a slightly serious note that it is a little surprising and a little neat that Orlando makes a list alongside New York and Los Angeles as the only three American cities where two major media conglomerates are choosing to hold a large promotional event.)

MTV Games, Virgin Megastore, and have joined forces to bring you the I Love Rock Band Valentine’s Day Bash!

Valentine’s Day has never been better! Mark your calendar for February 13th as MTV Games, Virgin Megastores, and present you the exclusive I Love Rock Band Valentine’s Day Bash! Do you think your Rock Band band is ready to rule the world? Are you ready to take your living room show to the masses?! Then sign up for the ultimate Rock Band tournament and compete to win a Rock Band Gaming Prize Package, including a $500 Virgin gift card and other sweet prizes!

Sign-ups begin on February 6th at the Virgin Megastores in Orlando, Florida; Union Square, New York City; and Hollywood & Highland, Los Angeles. Check out for more information.

Main Event Location & Information:

Virgin Megastore Orlando Walt Disney World Resort
1494 Buena Vista Drive
Feb 13th At 12 Noon
Sign-Ups Start Feb 6th
1st Prize: $500 Virgin Gift Card + Other Cool Prizes

College Park Notes

I live in College Park. I notice things. I type.

–Anyone else noticed the serious decline in ice cream available at the Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts on Edgewater? It seems to have changed ownership recently, because all the employees are relatively new, but the real problem is that they just DON’T HAVE ALL THE FLAVORS. Come on, folks–Rocky Road is not some exotic temporary fad. It’s a staple. If you’re out of Rocky Road, you have serious problems as an ice cream-related business.

–I’ve attended a community meeting on this and helped a bit with the efforts, but it can’t hurt to blab here too: Let’s all remember that Princeton and Smith streets are RESIDENTIAL, not two-lane highways where you can show off your need for speed. Posted speed limit is 30. I’d like my kid to be able to play in our front yard someday without being terrified she’s gonna lose her arm to some jerk doing 50 cause he just got off I4 and he’s got to get to 7-Eleven STAT.

–The weekly Farmer’s Market over by Harmoni Grill seems to have slowly tapered off…I remember the first few installments involved a side street closing and the erection of tents. Now it’s just a guy with a guitar playing pop-rock favorites and some meager fruit offerings. It would be neat if this type of event would take off. It would also be neat if I actually supported the event by doing more than walking by it when I’m taking my daughter to the park.

–Jade Bistro: Best Chinese food in Orlando, or best Chinese food outside of China?

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