Orlando Cops Heart Kidnappers

4 people were arrested in conjunction with the recent string of robberies and kidnappings in downtown. In the linked article police say:

“The motivation seems to be money. They just needed money to live to pay the bills. They weren’t very arrogant. They weren’t your normal criminal element. They have no criminal histories at all. None of them.”

Awwwww. We should just feel sorry for these guys, they were just trying to earn a living, keep the lights on and food on the table. That is so freaking sweet I could f-ing cry. Cops… guys… what the hell is wrong with you? Are you seriously trying to muster up some sympathy for these parasites? For god’s sake, grow a pair! These are dirt bags, attacking, as in ATTACKING innocent people, threatening their lives and forcing them to hand over their hard earned money that, guess what, THEY use to put food on THEIR tables! And I have news for you, just because you keystone coppers with the golden hearts two sizes too big haven’t managed to catch them don’t mean they have no “criminal history.” I mean, just the fact that they are accused of a STRING of robberies and kidnappings shows they have a history of doing this in a serial manner.

Let me be the first to say, wow… just… wow.

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