Bye Bye, Miss 105.9…

Let me start with a bit of old-fashioned honesty: I absolutely HATE Orlando radio.

I know that’s probably a common sentiment, because out of all the residents with whom I have discussed Orlando radio to date, not one of them has said, “I love Orlando radio,” or even “I like Orlando radio.” You either hate it, like me, or you tolerate it, like a fly in your ear.

There are bright spots, to be sure, but they’re few and far between. And what’s most astonishing about the awful radio here in Orlando is that there’s SO DAMN MUCH OF IT. I’ve lived in other major cities where finding a clearish FM band for my iPod tuner doohickey was relatively simple; here, every damn station has some moron glutting the skies with gibberish, bad music, or lots of both.

Having said all that, I will sorta miss O-Rock 105.9, which is apparently changing formats. Their “Nooner” lunch hour offered a slim hope that I would actually hear a song that a) I enjoyed and b) hadn’t been played into oblivion by one of Orlando’s other radio stations. Now, the Nooner is no more.

From the looks of the new holding page, I’d guess the new format is Latin something, but that’s just a hunch. We’ll soon see. My radio presets are getting emptier and emptier.

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  1. Rachel (unregistered) on January 8th, 2008 @ 9:16 am

    You’re right! When I moved here a few years ago from a small town in the midwest I thought, “Yes! I’ll finally get a whole range of stations with all different kinds of music!”

    Uh yeah….there are less stations here than I had back home!

  2. Matt (unregistered) on January 8th, 2008 @ 11:17 am

    Exactly. And it’s all very much “corporate radio”…stations programmed from on high by giant media monoliths, with DJs who may as well be reading off cue cards (if they, in fact, aren’t).

    At some point I’ll put up a list of what I think are actual good radio stations in town…then we can all compare notes. Maybe I’m missing something.

  3. Terry Howard (unregistered) on January 8th, 2008 @ 11:16 pm

    740, the local sports channel just got merged with it’s conservative talk sister station 540 (740 is latin programming now I believe). Creates an awkward transition when I’m listening to Dan Silio and next thing I know Limbaugh is on. Bud Hedinger on before Jerry and the Shot Doctor… something odd about that too.

    The Philips Phile, 3-7 on 104.1 FM is my favorite talk show, and that same station has excellent music on the weekends. During the week I guess the dial is pretty defunct for music although I do enjoy the college stations down at the left end of the FM dial (WUCF and WKRP) on occassion. There is also a good old school R & B channel around 94 something that plays motown mixed with 80’s funk like Cameo and stuff that I dig sometimes too.

  4. Matt (unregistered) on January 9th, 2008 @ 8:55 am

    Yeah, I am totally with you on 104.1’s weekend music–it makes me actually look forward to getting into the car and listening to the radio again!

  5. Rdsubjec2fluding (unregistered) on January 9th, 2008 @ 2:27 pm

    The only station I listen to 90.7 for news and on the weekends for Car Talk and Wait Wait…The rest of the time Sirius! Sirius can’t dupe the hometown feel of a local NPR station.

    I don’t want to sound like a corperate shill but I love sat. radio. You will never go back to reg radio. I didn’t even know about 105.9 until today when my mom said how much she was enjoying the history of rock and roll and thought the new change was great. :) I sadly informed her that it will go away soon.

  6. Matt (unregistered) on January 9th, 2008 @ 2:40 pm

    I’ve had brief access to satellite radio, and of course we listened to the holiday stuff available through DirecTV (I think it was XM?). But yeah, it is absolutely sweet, and I envy it greatly.

    You can tell your mom she has until tomorrow afternoon at 1:05 p.m. (and 9 seconds) to enjoy that history of rock & roll, as I just heard on the station that’s when the changeover will happen.

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