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World Trade Center Orlando

2003011510215064_1.jpgJust read that plans are underway to construct 2 towers along Lake Ivanhoe that will be called World Trade Center Orlando. From the article it says:

The Orlando City Council press secretary and the builder both said in no way was anyone suggesting these new buildings would reproduce the towers that were struck by planes in New York City.

But the website for the building seems to have Sept. 11th all over it, and from the way it reads, it is in fact a part of the World Trade Center corporation or group. I’m confused, is this indeed a World Trade Center? If so, why the public distancing?

The obvious thing I think that leaps to people’s minds is, does this make us a target now? Which may or may not be a silly notion, maybe that’s a good starter for discussion here. The other thing I think people are jumping on is that it is somehow a slap to the memory of the NY WTC victims. Honestly, before going to the website above I didn’t know there were multiple WTCs around the world. In that light, it really isn’t out of the ordinary for a city to have a WTC. Seems like some better level of PR should have been used by the city when answering the questions. I think more than anything people are just kind of confused, it all seems pretty sudden and out of the blue.

And, while I’m at it… WTC Orlando… man, you gotta step up that website! It is seriously jacked up in Firefox and even in Explorer its got major white space and quality issues. Not exactly screaming “world class business” to me, ya know?

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