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You Wanna Blogga?

I’m sure some people are a little tired of hearing me give just my side of any story, and quite frankly, I am too! Metroblogging needs to represent multiple view points from different perspectives. We need people who live different lives, see different things, and feel different ways. For that reason we are going to be opening applications for new bloggers. Interested? Send an email with your name, email address, where you live, a little about yourself and any examples of your blogging you might could provide.

Orlando Ranked #11 in US!!!

We jumped from #25 to #11, ahead of classic metropolitans like Atlanta, Baltimore and Philly! Even Miami can’t hold a candle to us! What are we #11 in? Why being among the most crime ridden murderous cess pool in America of course! We should all be just damn proud of ourselves.

A recent report using FBI crime stats ranks Orlando as #11 in a list of the most dangerous cities in the US, up from being #25 in last year’s report. If you recall, everyone was all in a tizzy over being #25 last time, but of course, we didn’t actually do anything about it, and now here we are, about to crack the top 10. HBO’s crime show The Wire is based on Baltimore, which we left in the dust. Should Showtime come out with “O-Ville”?

So what’s the game plan here Buddy Dyer, and our law enforcement community? I think it’s time for you to step it up, because your strategy of pretending that the areas that are causing these crime issues are victims and not enablers, and of blaming people for not being cooperative enough is just not really getting the job done.

Here’s something to get you started, a map of murders from this year, and a timeline of murder rates over the last decade. Why don’t you go to those areas with all the little cute push pins, and kick the ever loving crap repeatedly, day after day, out of the drug dealers and thieves. Us citizens can play a role too. If you live in one of those areas with a high density of pins, then start taking ownership of your problem. Report activity, talk to your children and family members, make being a crook and “gangsta” a shameful way of life that WILL get you put away, and not some cool attitude that all the cool kids on MTV are doing.

As far as the timeline, we need to examine what happened 2 years ago that caused the flat rate of murders to begin increasing 50% year over year steadily. And by examine, I mean we need to grow a pair and stop being so politically correct at the expense of human life. If specific communities are at the center of the problem areas, then we need to all be adults about it and discuss and address it. People playing race/culture cards as a means of deflecting blame for letting their neighborhoods go to crap should not be tolerated. That goes for everyone, the “white” areas are rife with meth labs as well. “Experts blame the illegal gun and drug trades and an increasingly violent street culture” should not be an acceptable conclusion. These so called “experts” haven’t bothered to delve into the issue one bit, because they are too scared to be labeled just for doing their job. Time for new experts. Time for action. What, are we going for top 5 next year?

Goldenrod Chevron False Advertising

chevron.jpgThis morning on the way into work my fuel tank started creeping towards the big “E” and as the light popped on I knew I’d have to either fuel up now or stop after work, when my heart would really rather be on the road heading home for the week. Like every other Central Floridian, or American for that matter, the notion of having to fill ‘er up conjures images of cash draining from our pockets. So, of course, I began scouring for the lowest gas price I could. All of the sudden on Goldenrod between Colonial and University I spot it, CHEAP GAS!

And what a deal it was, $3.029 on a week when the average has been closer to the $3.09 spectrum. So Chevron would earn my business, offering a competitive price for a tankful of liquid unleaded go. Swiping my card with confidence that I had done my duty saving my family a few shiny dimes for the day I began to pump. But then I glanced at the pump display and saw something odd. For some weird reason the pump told me unleaded was being served up at 3.069. Probably just an incorrect display, so after I’m done I check my receipt. Sure enough I had been charged $3.069 for my fill up.

Hey, things happen, it’s only a few pennies per gallon, a little over 50 cents more for the tank, so I figured I would just go inside and let the store clerk know about the discrepancy. Maybe the big giant beckoning sign had not been updated by mistake, and the clerk should know before a figure of authority happens by and they get fined. But to my surprise, the employee at the counter said no, that was not an error. The amount on the sign was the promotional price if you use cash or a Chevron gas card. Keep in mind that this sign is the ONLY price advertised outside of the true price listed on the pump itself. Looking back at the big sign again I did notice a much smaller sign a bit down the pole, a good 4-5 feet away from the giant price numbers that read “Cash or Chevron Credit Card”.

Now, I’m no specialist on advertising regulations within the fuel industry, but my gut tells me that having a giant sign declaring a price that is not the actual price you pay would be considered false advertising. Having a totally ambiguous message placed some distance away from that price does not merit a valid qualifying statement. That little sign could be easily interpreted as “we accept cash or Chevron cards” or “atm inside and applications for Chevron cards”. In no way does it clearly tell consumers that “the price listed is not the price you pay unless you use cash or a Chevron credit card”. In fact, I would argue that because EVERY other gas station throughout the history of ALL mankind puts the real price on their giant sign, this Chevron station was intentionally trying to mislead consumers into pulling into their station over others on the false notion that their gas was cheaper.

I call BS and would encourage people to not patronize the Chevron station on Goldenrod between Colonial and University.

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