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Pier Pressure

flaglerpier.jpgFlagler Beach City commissioners want to crack down on loiterers at the boardwalk and pier. Huh? Yeah, I know this isn’t exactly a Central Florida issue, but there are plenty of piers and boardwalks in the area and I’m hoping this is not some sort of infectious stupidity that might spread to our own civic leadership. Seriously Flagler, what is it you think people should be doing on a pier or boardwalk? Are the cops going to say, “Move along now… uh… to the end of the pier.” Would fishing off the pier be considered loitering? How about a couple enjoying the sunset? Maybe a couple old guys playing checkers down by the water need to be rustled up on the feet and set to walking.

I’m guessing the real issue is they don’t want them gosh darn teenage whipper snappers hanging around in groups, surely up to no good. I’d like to invite the Flagler city commissioners to reflect for a moment on what exactly it is they are doing here and ask themselves, have you really become THOSE guys?

All Hands On Deck Draws Unwarranted Criticism

Orlando Police met with people in the Parramore neighborhood regarding the department’s All Hand’s On Deck program. Basically this program took police staff out from behind the desks some and onto the streets, targeting high crime areas. I have to say, since this happened starting last June 10th, I’ve noticed Parramore news reports regarding crime have dropped, which is a good thing. To me that says that more cops where the crime is means criminals can’t conduct their illegal activities and they have to close up shop.

But according to the linked article: “many neighborhoods have criticized the program, saying crime has just spread elsewhere.” That’s ground for criticism? That’s what is supposed to happen. It proves the point, that we need more cops. And then you put more cops where the crime spread to. And you keep doing that until the human garbage realizes that they are going to get their butts kicked out of every town until it sinks in that crime isn’t going to pay, at least not in this town.

Look, you gotta be realistic. You are not going to rehabilitate 99.9% of the people who are out there pulling guns and shooting people in the face. If we catch them, we can jail them or execute them for their murders after trials (Judges need to get their acts together too, stop giving second chances). Baring that, you’ve got to make being a crook the most unprofitable and difficult line of business to be in. That means cops all up in their business 24-7. Sure, they’ll move on and be someone else’s problem, but if they’re smart, they’ll do the same and maybe, eventually, will get this sewage to head back the right direction down the drain. As it now, the bowl is overflowing.

Put The Uniform Back On

0003%2810%29.jpgIf they keep doing it, I’ll keep saying it. The police are being laughed at by the criminal element of this city. Criminals increasingly have no problem turning the gun on cops. With this in mind, what possesses cops to make complete asses of themselves in public? Seriously guys, until the last of the badies are put away, save the yucks for when the squad visits the hospital to cheer up sick kids. This monkey business is pathetic.

(Photo from 13 Central Florida News)

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