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Out From Behind the Desks

Seen this morning at the News Channel 13 website:

Orlando Police announce a new crackdown on crime Monday. This time, the target is five areas known for trouble.

Operation: All Hands on Deck will focus on Parramore, Mercy Drive, Kirkman Road, Washington Shores, Rosemont, and a part of Semoran Boulevard near S.R. 408.

For the next 30 days, 88 officers who normally sit behind a desk or in an office will spend their days out patrolling the high crime zones.

On behalf of the citizens of Orlando, thank you! Godspeed and go get ’em!

Cops Say We’re Not Helping

Go watch this video and prepare to be mad. Not mad that it looks like some kind of Jamaican drug/gang war has spread to Orlando, but that the cops seem to think the citizens aren’t paying attention or are mad enough. Really? What rock have you been hiding under? Citizens have been mad, they have been complaining, you saying we are not shows you are doing as good a job paying attention to what the public is saying as you are in handling the crime.

It just goes on and on, passing the buck. Here in Conway people were outraged that a body popped up duct taped to a tire in Lake Conway and our esteemed Linda Stewart decided to take action… and look into closing the boat ramp. Nice work. The next time I see her addressing our local issues, she’s standing at the corner of Curry Ford and Conway in front of cameras talking about your awesome new traffic cameras. I’ve talked before about the slap in the face of cops doing NOTHING about the dangerous midnight club drag racing that goes on in this area EVERY night it seems, and I know for a FACT that it took months of calls before a cop arrived on the scene only to get run down and then they hightailed it. Get your butts out here on the streets at night, forget your cameras and drive time speed traps, they won’t catch the speed racers. And oh yeah, the gun spray that went down at Sawgrass apartments, think maybe you want to address that?

Don’t tell us we haven’t been paying attention, you haven’t been doing your jobs. Pass the buck on to your citizenry because our nice town turned into a violent cess pool on your watch? You ought to turn in your badge and let someone with a clue and a spine get in there.

Tribute or Trademark Infringement?

Local pizza restaurant NYPD Pizza is being sued for trademark infringement for “..”intentionally and purposefully” designing its logo to look like the department’s fabled shield and of decorating its pizzerias to resemble police precincts, complete with bills that look like summonses.”

NYPD Pizza owner Robert Russo, a transplanted New Yorker, argues that the logo, decor and bills are a tribute to the department which he holds in high esteem.



Russo’s attorney is quoted as saying “We think the consumers are sophisticated enough to know the Police Department is not involved in running pizzerias,”

At least not here in Orlando.

So, what do you think? Acceptable tribute or trademark infringement? Or does anyone other than the New York Police Department even really care?


Just got the latest email newsletter from the Orlando Brewery and they announced an upcoming charitable event called Beer-B-Que, Saturday, June 23, 2007. The 1st Annual Beer-B-Q, Music Festival, and Car Show is being put together by The Orlando Brewery and the Orlando Jaycees and will benefit two charities: Pet Rescue by Judy and the PKZ – Paramore Kids Zone.

The Orlando Brewery is great, my favorite place in Orlando for a cold one by far. I’m partial to their Porter and having Young’s Double Chocolate Stout on tap is never a bad thing either. I’m also a big proponent of anything BBQ, so this sounds like a winning combination to me. Go check it out, I’ll be the guy with the Porter in one hand and a chunk of pig in the other.

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