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Cute and Furry Goes a Long Way

In light of the recent slaughter of a stray alligator, this article about a stray bear just proves people are idiots when it comes to how we treat gators. So what is it? Because the bear is a furry mammal we just tranquilize him and release him back on his merry way, but alligators we slaughter as a matter of process when we catch one that dares to wander into “our” habitats? I think FWC needs to explain this. Bears have claws, teeth, have attacked people before, if I came across one I would certainly take the same level of caution I would an alligator. In fact, a bear is quite a bit more agile and dangerous on land than an alligator ever could be. Why can’t we just catch and release these gators back into a preserve when they get a little off track?

Days of the Dead in Winter Park


I was reading my friend Cole’s piece on zombies in last week’s Orlando Weekly when I happened to spot a small info box about an upcoming zombie crawl in Winter Park.

Zombie crawl? Winter Park? What?

It’s ok, those were my first thoughts as well. Then I thought, “How cool!” I instantly did some Googling and found the MySpace info page for the Zombie Crawl Orlando, that’s happening this Saturday, May 19. As with the OW blurb, I couldn’t find any info on an exact start time, but it appears that $10 will get you into the crawl (to cover the costs of them doing your zombie makeup).

Joshua Watford seems to be the main zombie…er, man…behind this event that takes place in downtown Winter Park, and many of the people behind the crawl also participate in Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. So it’s safe to say they have plenty of experience in portraying the undead. But if you haven’t, that’s ok. They’re more interested in willing bodies to flesh out the group.

Want to get involved? On the website, it says all questions regarding participating in the crawl should be directed to So there you go.

Further research turned up a YouTube “behind the scenes documentary” video of the first zombie crawl earlier this year, which may be of interest to those thinking of participating in this month’s crawl. Heck, it’s interesting just to watch what it takes to become a zombie…without dying, that is.

Now here’s where it gets a bit strange.

During my web search for this weekend’s event, I ran across another zombie event in Winter Park. It appears on the website for the Rich Weirdoes, who put on a great shadow cast show to the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Universal CityWalk AMC. They also do a terrific lip-synced zombie shadow dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” during RHPS’s Halloween festivities.

Anyways, it seems they are also holding their own event, dubbed the Zombie March 2007, the following Saturday, May 26. It is scheduled to start at 3pm in downtown Winter Park and then it will move over to Lake Eola around 5pm. This one appears to be a bring your own zombie, so I guess just show up as one and you’re in.

Both events sound like a lot of fun, especially if you’re a fan of zombie films, as I am. But what I really want to know is…what is it about Winter Park that draws the zombie hordes to it?

News 13 Goes Frothing Mad Stupid

Just read an article on Central Florida News 13 headlined: “Gator Goes Beserk” (by the way editors, it’s spelled “berserk”). What is with the news and their campaign to vilify the alligator? I watched the video and it looks like the alligator is scared out of its mind, hiding under a car from dozens of advancing people and it begins flailing, or going “berserk” after the trapper dragged it out from safety by its neck. And then the story comments that the awful alligator did some damage to a vehicle.

Look, obviously the trapper needed to remove the animal, and the neck noose thing does not harm the animal. I’m not trying to play the bunny hugger card here. What I’m saying is these are wild animals whose lands WE encroached on, and you are just being ignorant and a sensationalist when you characterize a situation like a stray gator getting under a car and a trapper removing him as a “gator going berserk”. He was doing nothing of the sort and alligators are not prone to “berserkdom” they are pretty much terrified of humans and when people get bit 9 times out of 10 they pretty much step on their head on accident or get drunk and skinny dip in the dead of night (which in my opinion is equivalent to declaring yourself gator bait and you deserve what you get.)

So to you news people, give the gators a break and stop trying to sell papers at the expensive of spreading fear and ignorance about one of our most impressive and interesting indigenous species. It seriously cheapens your legitimacy as an intelligent and worthy news source.

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