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Racism Knows No Race Boundries

Claire Dempster got caught with a big fat foot in her mouth making comments that a position on the Osceola County Commission should be filled by an Anglo and not a Hispanic. Sad to see racism so easily coming to someone running for a government position.

Beulah Farquharson from the Buenaventura Lakes Community Association makes a comment in the article I think we all should heed, that the position needs to go to someone based on the ability to do a job, not their ethnicity or race and who’s interest they represent (outside of the entire district of course.)

But people from all sides of the color coin in government have been guilty of this, so let’s not fool ourselves into thinking this is just another case of whitey keeping the brown folk down. Latin leaders have made plenty of similar statements with no shame and we all know how Daisy feels. Racism is a human problem and we all need to look at is as both victims AND perpetrators.

Cops Getting Cute.. Again wonder criminals have no fear and regard to the law enforcement in Central Florida. Days after a child is shot in the stomach by a stray bullet we get front page news of our esteemed officers hard at work writing tickets for productive members of the working force wearing fun costumes again. Oh the good times! Seriously guys, if you feel the need to strap on some ridiculous outfits try a Batman suit or something and go stop the murderous criminals plaguing our city. This kind of stuff is just way out of line. People are afraid of dying and you think it’s time to get cute with the tickets. Pathetic.

Dog Bites [Innocent] Man

Police%20Dog.jpgAn innocent man was attacked by an off duty police dog in Lake County yesterday.
This has always bothered me. I think it is highly unethical to use canines as pursuit and detainment methods. If it is not acceptable for a police officer to lunge on and bite into the flesh of a suspect, then it should be no more acceptable for an officer to use a dog as a conduit for that same action. As well, these dogs do not volunteer for dangerous duty, they are pressed into service. I don’t care how much it is said they enjoy their work, they enjoy any attention a human gives them. I think it is completely fine to make use of canine’s excellent sensory advantages to assist officers in searches, but only after the area and suspect are secured by human officers. When you use dogs, no matter how well trained, you are putting an animal in ultimate control of a citizens well being during a police action. That to me is unconscionable and totally outside of civil rights protections. Thoughts?

Tickets for Advance Screening of 300 at Uberbot this Saturday!

Saturday, March 3rd ubercool comic book and toy store Uberbot will be giving away tickets to an advance screening of Frank Miller’s 300. They will begin giving out the tickets promptly at 8PM (one per person, no exceptions), and I imagine that when they’re gone they’re gone.

The actual screening of the movie will be at Regal Winter Park Cinema Tuesday the 6th at 7:30PM. So don’t go grabbing no tickets if it’s your night to stay home and watch the kids, let the people who are actually going to go have them.

This movie is going to blow the roof off, I can’t wait.

Oh, and while you’re there buy some cool stuff at Uberbot. It’s the coolest store in town and needs to stay that way.


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