Hurricane Forecast Downgraded Again!

Before I sound like I’m unhappy about this… let me say… YEAH!!!

But as a central Florida resident AND someone who is involved in travel, this kinda makes me mad. For the 2nd time in a month, they have revised our forecasts for the number of named storms and hurricanes … in the right direction. Which is great. But meanwhile, coming off of two really HIGHER THAN NORMAL and extremely stormy hurricane seasons, the damage is done! Travelers are not going to change their plans now Mr. Hurricane Forecasting Dudes. Thanksalot.

As our economy is HIGHLY dependant on the tourist dollar and yet as a resident who wants to know how to prepare… I’m doubly interested in knowing what the forecast is going to be each year. I know I know…. it’s weather. You can’t really predict weather. Afterall, this afternoon we’re having thunderstorms that are worse than Ernesto was. Which isn’t saying much.

Ah well… no use beating up the forecasters. It’s just that Florida really took it on the chin for two years running, we could have used this NEWS back in May.

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