Orlando Comic-Con – Post 5

The Orlando Comic-Con continues on until about 7pm this evening (and I’m sure there will be more going on at dinners with the guests, in their hotel rooms and in the hallways through out the night, which is common at comic book conventions) but I made the Comics Script Writing panel with Barbara Kesel my last event of the day and then headed home because I have another engagement to attend this evening.

orlando_comic_con_kesel.jpgThis panel was by far the best of the day! Unfortunately, it was also the shortest, lasting only 50 minutes. However, Ms. Kesel made excellent use of the time, after some initial reticence on the part of attendees to ask questions (was everyone as much in awe as I was following her opening remarks?). I have read some of her writings from a few years back, but had never had the opportunity to meet her or listen to her speak. Intelligent, well-spoken, literate and brimming over with experience and knowledge which she was more than willing to share with the crowd, she was also entrancing to watch (even though she was seated the majority of the time) due, no doubt, to her stage background and her college major of Theater Studies. I was truly sorry to see the time come to an end, but resisted the urge to follow her like a puppy dog out the door, though others seemed to easily give in to that desire.

orlando_comic_con_perkins.jpgOut in the convention hall I snapped this picture of Mike Perkins, currently the artist for Captain America, working on sketch of what looked to be a Sentinel. Perkins and writer Ed Brubaker have had a fantastic run on the Captain America comic over the past few years and I recently was given the hardback collection of their “Winter Soldier” stories for my birthday. Mike’s from England, which makes it even more appropriate that he is also the artist for the Union Jack series.

orlando_comic_con_ironman.jpgFinally, here’s a shot of a life-sized Iron Man bust, gleaming in all its red and gold glory. It can be yours for the paltry sum of $600. Needless to say, it did not come home with me.

Thanks for reading my little experiment in “live sequential” blogging.

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  1. Cindy (unregistered) on August 25th, 2006 @ 8:29 am

    I can’t wait to see more blogs like this. It’s cool to think that we were reading this LIVE from the conference. Do you have more planned? If so maybe you could have a list and we can be there to share in your fun.

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