Orlando Comic-Con – Post 3

The Ron Marz panel was very informative and entertaining. Mr. Marz gave us a basic breakdown of the craft and current employment possibilities (dismal, right now, but I was aware of that from keeping up with the industry trades) as well as sharing with us his working habits and schedule, then opened up the floor to questions.

I was able to ask 2 questions during the hour or so that the crowd was allotted. First I asked, “Have you read Writing for Comics With Peter David and if so, would you recommend it”? His short answer was “No, and I don’t know” but he expanded on that by stating that he felt David’s book and a similar one by another comic book icon, Denny O’Neill, would be helpful, but he also recommended a screenwriting book as being helpful for establishing pacing, story progress, etc.

Later I was able to ask him, “How much reading outside of the comic book genre do you do”? and again his short answer was “Not nearly enough” and lamenting that he has a stack of novels and magazines waiting to be read but he also expanded on that by recommending reading as much as possible in all fields to keep yourself fresh and give you “grist for the mill” and stating that he tries to always be reading at least one “book without pictures.”

I mentioned in the last post that I had purchased 2 books I wanted (luckily at half-price, woohoo!) so I thought I’d show them to you.

orlando_comic_con_vision.jpgThe first one is a thick, hardback book that is part of the Marvel Visionaries series and collects some of the works of one of Marvel Comics most prolific artists of all time, the late Jack Kirby. When I was growing up Kirby was drawing Fantastic Four, Thor, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, The X-Men and several other books for Marvel. When he passed away 12 years ago the industry (he worked for DC Comics in his later years) lost one of its very best talents.

orlando_comic_con_kirby.jpgThe second one, a tabloid-sized softcover book, was also a Kirby book in the Collector Series from TwoMorrows Publishing featuring Kirby’s creation for the DC Comics Fourth World known as Mr. Miracle. In addition to tons of art by Kirby, there are discussions about how the Mr. Miracle character was part of the inspiration for the Michael Chabon novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and the character Kavalier & Clay created, The Escapist.

Well, I’m heading back to the hall to see how the crowd has increased, maybe find a place for a bite to eat for lunch and then be back in time for a 3pm panel featuring Barbara Kesel on Comic Script Writing.

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