Orlando Comic-Con – Post 2

I’m sitting in the very empty and very quiet Hibiscus Room awaiting the arrival of the speaker for this panel and the expected crowd that will be here to hear comic bock writer Ron Marz. He’s scheduled to speak from 11am until 12:50pm on a subject I have a passing interest in; Writing for Comics. Today is Part 1: Mastering the Basics and tomorrow he will present Part 2: Actions, Not Words.

orlando_comic_con_line.jpgHere’s a picture of part of the line of attendees waiting for the doors to open. Some dealers and exhibitors arrived later than they were told, so they didn’t let anyone in until about 10 minutes after the scheduled start time. I walked through the exhibitor hall and artist alley after the doors opened just intending to browse around, but the siren call of a half-price sale on a couple of books I wanted caused me to pull out the old wallet and buy them. I have no will power. Much to the consternation of the exhibitors, I’ll try to do better in that regard for the remainder of the convention.

orlando_comic_con_phoenix.jpgThis is every fanboy’s dream come true: a living, breathing, beautiful, walking-right-up-to-you vision of Phoenix from the X-Men (the comic book version, NOT the movie version). The gentleman in the background proves my point and I observed this same reaction over and over as this young lady walked through the convention hall. As the convention progresses, I’m expecting to see more folks in costume making their way through the exhibitor’s displays.

We’ve just been told that Ron Marz is running late arriving from the airport, but no one seems to know exactly how late he will be in getting here.

Mr. Marz just arrived and was only about 10 minutes late, so that wasn’t too bad. I’ll be back later.

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  1. Cindy (unregistered) on August 23rd, 2006 @ 11:48 am

    Does this mean your a fanboy??? Hmm.. maybe your wife should go with you next time. Glad you had fun, hope they make this an annual event. It’s great to go out and have fun, and not have to spend a great deal of money.

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