Panera & Free WiFi…MMMmmmmm

It’s 4:12 on Saturday afternoon and I’m sitting at the Panera in Fashion Square Mall enjoying a Sierra Turkey sandwich and soaking up the free wifi!

Blog Girl is at a Health Fair or something like that over at Dandelion Communitea Cafe selling her handmade candles and incense and conducting a seminar later (I have to get back to man the booth while she speaks) around 6pm. After dropping her and her wares off I came up here to get something for dinner and to pass the time until I go back.

panera_logo.gifI always enjoy Panera’s food, whether it’s the sandwiches, soups or baked breads and sweets. But you can get good food in lots of places around Orlando. What makes Panera one of my favorites is the excellent free wifi they provide for patrons (and the classical music is a plus as well). I was looking around for a place to sit that was near an electrical outlet (no luck, though, so I’m running on battery) and counted 10 people with their laptops open throughout the dining area. Another 3 have walked in since then and are busily typing away. I would guess that a majority of us, if not each and every one of us, are connected to the Internet as well and yet my connection signal strength is amazingly strong. Sometimes I’ve been in places where 3 connections put a severe strain on the signal strength. However, I’ve never had a problem at any of the many Orlando Panera locations I’ve patronized.

But I’m always looking for places with good wifi (bookstores, restaurants, corners on streets, etc.) so if you’ve got a favorite how about sharing it by leaving a comment?

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll return to nibbling on my sandwich and surfing the ‘net.

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