Two Hours of Hell at the Orange County Tag Agency

What the #@$@^% is wrong with people? Why do they wait until the very last minute to get their vehicle tags?

Yesterday I went to the South Semoran Tag Agency office to get my tag (well, actually the little yellow sticker that goes ON the tag) and I swear the place was full of men and women who must be the kind of people who put off everything, otherwise they wouldn’t be at the tag agency on the very last day of the month trying to get their tags before the month ends and their old tags expire.

When I walked in at 10:30am the office was completely full; every one of its some 50-odd chairs filled, people leaning against every formerly empty space along the wall and a couple of dozen smokers standing around outside. The digital sign on the front wall indicated they were serving number 63. When I pulled my little ticket out of the dispenser near the front door it had the number 10 printed on it. Only 47 goldbrickers who should have mailed in their renewals or taken care of it online (because this IS the freakin’ 21st century!) ahead of me.

When I finally left 2 hours later my butt was numb from sitting in their cheap plastic chairs and I had listened to enough unruly kids of procrastinating parents to last a lifetime. As I walked through the midday heat across the parking lot to my car, I swore I would never put off getting my tag renewal until the last minute again.

Oh, and word to the wise; tags actually expire on your birthday, NOT the last day of your birth month. Orlando’s finest can and will cite you for an invalid tag if you’ve not renewed it by your birthday.

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  1. Kimsota (unregistered) on August 6th, 2006 @ 2:59 pm

    Hi TMB, I use to have that problem until I found the downtown agency, with free parking, is so fast. And the clerks are much wiser, friendlyer etc. I have a special tag and each year the same clerk would give me a hard time about renewing these tags. She did not think I deserved more than one and wondered about that. Downtown I am treated with respect and kindness. So either go downtown or mail in.

  2. S.P. (unregistered) on August 15th, 2006 @ 12:47 am

    Just do it online, they give you the url and instructions right on the postcard they send you. It takes 3 minutes tops and you get it in the mail the following week

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