So far…. so good

tn_2006out.jpgBut don’t go quoting me. Last year at this time we had five named storms in the month of July. So far, this season… it’s been eerily quiet. In case you haven’t seen the projections this year, they’re telling us that the pennisula of Florida is relatively high on the potential strike list. Oh joy.

But so far…. it’s been quiet. Too quiet if you ask me. Is this like the calm before the storm?? Of course, you know the addage about Florida and weather — if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes — it’ll change. And that’s just what forecasters are saying right now. Something about a Bermuda high that is protecting us, but we all know better than to believe that will last forever.

So did anyone take advantage of the sales tax holiday to get supplies? I must confess I ignored it. Having lived in various parts of Florida since 1978, I am well experienced with these things. Even still… there’s only so much plywood a person can buy and we’ve yet to break down and buy a generator.

Keep crossing your fingers folks…

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