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Before I go onto my banter, I want to share my theory. There seems to be a specific time when music seems to flow in the air and a flood of bands seem to stream in when the weather is extraordinarily beautiful. You are hit with the latter part of spring, the entry way into summer and BAM! It’s show season. So far I’ve seen Of Montreal, Electric Six, She Wants Revenge, and Mates of State in our very own Orlando, FL. I’ve also seen Fiona Apple & Coldplay in Tampa. This is my time, I live for this time of year – it’s my bliss. ^_^

Rewind now, to few nights ago. Let me explain something, I adore The Sounds, ever since I saw them when they toured with The Strokes a few years ago, I promised I would try my best to see them in town again if they strolled through.
That very Friday night that I was convincing myself to either go downtown Orlando and go to I-bar (Independent Bar – post Barbarella – for you older kids like me) when a glorious ticket landed in my lap to go see Action Action, Morningwood, and The Sounds at the House of Blues, the very same venue I saw The Sounds a few years ago.

Poof! My wish was granted.

The show was wonderful. I unfortunately, like always, end up going to make a late appearance at shows. I ended up missing Action, Action and Morningwood. But I got there just in time to see The Sounds. The group is composed Felix Rodriguez who plays the guitar, Johan Bengtsson – who plays bass, Jesper Anderberg who does the synthesizers and Fredrik Nilsson who plays the drums. Wrap it up with a pretty bow of Maja Ivarsson and she stirs the night up with her antics of flashing the audience with her rebellious attitude with her sultry vocals and her hot legs. Her voice is a mild comparison of a toss up between Blondie and Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

It was wonderful.

The weather was perfect, my company was perfect, I was in the pit surrounded by a great dancing crowd. Orlando was perfect & to think I was going to suffer a few more months and cross my fingers and hope they would show up @ Tinker Field to play the Warped Tour this year. (they are not on the play list)

Anyway if you want to know more about The Sounds:

The Sounds on Myspace
The Sounds Official Website

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