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St. Johns River Alliance Fundraising Event

There’s a fundraising event that will be held at a few local zoos to support the St. Johns River Alliance. It’s a premiere of the film, The River Runs North, the journey of America’s first river. In an email I received from a SJRA board member, they said the following:

Dear SJRA Board Members, Staff and Friends:

Please send this e-vite to your e-lists, friends and St. Johns River partners. We need help publicizing and selling tickets for our fun-draisers. To make this a 100% success, we would like to have sold out events in each river basin, limited to 300 attendance.

This is a unique event to help us increase awareness about the St. Johns River and raise funds to support the Mission and goals of the Alliance in support of the river.

Please join us!

The one at the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford is Saturday, November 5th, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. There will be food, live entertainment and much more. Please help spread the word — and be sure to attend! Tickets are $40. Call 407-322-8888 for more information.

SJRA Invite
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All clear… and cool…

Click for Orlando, Florida Forecast

If you just dropped into the area right now, you’d never know we just had a hurricane blow through. And suddenly, it’s COLD (for Florida). Tonight’s lows in the 40’s, compared to last night’s in the 80’s.

Am I the only one???

If they are going to call off school, then shouldn’t most major businesses be closed tomorrow too? I mean if it isn’t safe for children to be going to school, then it shouldn’t be safe for banks to be open, or malls… or anything.

I know .. I know.. we can’t stop the world turning just because a little stormy weather is on it’s way. I am one of a lucky few that don’t have to figure out what to do with their children tomorrow, but I cannot imagine all of the last minute scrambling that’s being done right now for parents who weren’t expecting this.

I understand.. it’s what the county has to do. But it sure feels like, “here we go again” with missing school.

Another great Latin Restaurant

Well Solonor can’t have all the fun… posting reviews of latin restaurants that is!

We discovered, quite by accident, a little place in the Rosemont Plaza on North OBT — a place called Latin Restaurant. I know it sounds very plain and very basic, but this little place (and it is small) serves some pretty great Latin food. Not tex mex, not mexican exactly… just latin.

If you’e looking for a new place to try, head north on Orange Blossom Trail past Lee Road and it’s on the Left right next to Blockbuster before you get to Ocoee-Apopka Road.

Oh Wilma!!!!

Go away, stay away, dissapate, upper level sheer, spin in ciricles in the gulf away from everybody… whatever. Just give the poor gulf coast, Florida and the world a rest already will ya… Wilma?? Huh??

Can this really be happening? I know we haven’t had one yet this year — the pennisula that is. But I sure was hoping we’d dodged it this year since we had THREE last year. I guess I uncrossed my fingers too soon. :(


Event Announcement:

This Thursday, author and political pundit Dick Morris, will be at the Barnes & Noble on Colonial @ 7:00 PM. He will be signing and discussing his new book Condi Vs. Hilary.

We are encouraging both Republicans and Democrats, those from the right and from the left to join us in greeting one of lefts’s most vitriolic critics and one of the right’s most feverish supporters.

For questions or inquiries please call B&N @ 407-894-6024

436 Roadblock

Okay. Will someone PLEASE tell me WHY THE HELL has 436 been blocked off from around Curry Ford to Lake Underhill? When I tried driving to work this morning and found myself taking a 15-minute slow-motion detour through some residential neighborhood, I assumed the blockoff was due to an accident. It wouldn’t have surprised me. Yesterday evening, I got stuck in traffic on 436 because there had been some huge accident requiring helicopter assistance near Howell Branch. People just don’t know how to drive around here, but that’s another post.

So I was driving home from work tonight and I noticed a distinct slowdown in traffic near 436 and Lake Underhill. I assumed it was just standard rush-hour annoyance. Nope! Another police blockade. My 25-minute commute became 45 minutes as I turned onto a jam-packed Goldenrod.

What’s going on here? Traffic’s become so awful around this area, I’m scared to do my groceries now.

I’m Soarin… about Soarin

soar31.jpgI know it’s not fair to tout a theme park when we live in a city where theme parks are the norm rather than the exeption. But tonight I went and waited an hour (yes, an hour in October people) to ride the newest ride at EPCOT — Soarin.

I have to admit that it was pretty good. I’m one of those who is always looking for flaws or ways they can improve the experience, and other than perhaps making the screen bigger, this was pretty flawless. Although the LA portion was hard to focus on.

If you’re not familiar with the ride, it’s a simulator that makes you believe you’re in a hang glider .. soaring over California. Yes, your feet are dangling and if you have height issues or get motion sickness easily, this might not be for you. Otherwise I highly recommend it.

I also highly recommend the fast pass route!!

Come On Winter

Do my bones deceive me, or is it actually cool outside? After further investigation I’ve found that it is in fact 80 degrees outside. tells me that the high for the next ten days is going to stay in the 80’s. Are you telling me that Florida didn’t get hit by any hurricanes this year and fall might actually come on time? Paint me excited.

Take a step back.

A retraction to an earlier post.

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