Downtown Beating

Courtesy of my job, I get to hang out in downtown Orlando at Big Belly Brewery for nickel beer on Wednesday nights. I almost always park in the same place, that garage underneath I-4 near Church Street. Maybe it’s due to the beer, but I never really feel all that unsafe while walking to my car. That is, until I read this story online today.

While I am a friendly guy, I usually find it best to ignore other people while walking to my car late at night. Anyone who wants to get your attention is doing so to either panhandle from you, start an altercation with you, or-God forbid-sexually assault you. It sucks out loud that people can’t be trusted anymore, but I’d much rather be safe than sorry.

This kid who got jumped last night (just an hour or so after I left the same building) did nothing to egg these hoodlums on. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and could have paid for it with his life. Downtown Orlando is slowly becoming a great place to hang out once again, and incidents like this can do nothing but harm its image. I hope OPD steps it up and starts to show a strong presence during the week as they do on weekends.

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