Banning Sex Offenders

I just read yesterday that Brevard County is trying to ban sex offenders from setting foot on its beaches. This follows cities like Groveland, Winter Park, and a whole bunch of other municipalities that are attempting to prohibit convicted sex offenders from setting up residence there. While I consider myself somewhat of a civil libertarian, I honestly don’t think the majority of sex offenders can be sufficiently rehabilitated so they no longer pose a threat to our children.

So…what do we (as a society) do about it? We’re allegedly too evolved to carry out public executions of these scumbags, right? Why not colonize convicted sex offenders, much like lepers were ostracized many centuries ago? Once someone commits a heinous crime against a child, he or she has forfeited his or her right to live amongst “normal” people. Could we not find a remote island somewhere and put them to work without the fear that they will show up in our playgrounds?

Granted, this is similar to how Australia got started…but I’ll bet didjeridoos to doughnuts that you’d sleep better at night knowing that our kids would be at least a little bit safer. Banning registered sex offenders from living in certain Florida cities will merely force them to be nomadic predators, traveling from city to city in search of fresh prey. Shipping them off to a distant (and more importantly, kid-free) land might not solve the problem completely…but it’s a step in the right direction.

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  1. dawn (unregistered) on July 21st, 2005 @ 10:51 am

    HERE HERE!! I couldn’t agree more. I believe that there are some people who do not DESERVE (and yes, I full mean that word) to be a part of our society at large. Some will say that it shouldn’t be up to people like me to decide such things about other human beings… after all, they should have rights too. But after they’ve hurt children, in my opinon, they’ve forfeited their right to live amongst us as equals… as Americans, as Central Floridians. And banning them from certain cities won’t fix a thing. It’s like digging up a fire ant mound and putting it in your neighbors yard. That’s not a solution.

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