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Welcome two new cities to Metroblogging!

And the list to the left keeps growing. Two new cities joined our list of fair cities on our metroblog… Philadelphia and Berlin.

A hearty welcome and congratulations to a great beginning. I jumped over and read both blogs today and they are off to a terrific start!

At the rate we’re going, this metblog will be 100 cities strong before you know it. Way to go guys!

How Ironic

Who remembers the flu shot craziness of last year? Heck even the last few years. It never does seem that they are prepared for the amount of shots that will actually be needed.

After last fall’s long lines for the shot, extra shipments did finally come in.

But by this point, noone wanted them anymore. And they expired today, so they will all be thrown out. Let’s hope they are able to anticipate this year’s need a little better than in the past, for those people who need them.

Wet wet wet…. and soggy too!

Everyone who lives in central Florida is used to the wet afternoon weather in summer. The darkening, ominous skies that always form about 4pm and sometimes dump a bunch of rain on you.. and sometimes blow right over.

If you don’t like the weather in Florida, wait ten minutes…. it’ll change.

So it’s no surprise that since June is normally our wettest month of the year, we’ve been getting a lot of rain! And I swear at times this month I’ve felt like I lived in Seattle instead of Orlando. No offense Seattle!

But take a look at this from the Sentinel:


What’s next?? Urinals in Women’s restrooms??

You know, I get it. I truly do. 100 years ago women couldn’t vote. As 21st century women, we’ve got it better than women have ever had it in history. And if your an American woman, you are the luckiest woman on the planet.

And these strides didn’t come with complacent attitudes or women not willing to stand up and ask for equality. Not just in politics, but in the corporate world… everywhere.

But at what point are some people taking it too far? I think I may have discovered the answer.

DAYTONA BEACH — Elizabeth Book, the stay-at-home mom with a rose tattoo, has won the right to bare her breasts in her ongoing fight to go shirtless anywhere men can.

On Saturday at noon, the 40-something “top-free” revolutionary plans to demonstrate her right to protest by dropping her top at the Peabody Auditorium next to three statues of women nude from the waist up.

“I will be as top-free as the statues,” Book said Monday in an e-mail to the nudists and naturists who have gathered to support her cause. “This is not over until Daytona is forced to recognize the unconstitutionality of their ordinances and statutes aimed at the American woman’s breasts.”

For many years the nudist/naturalist sections of beaches in Brevard county have come under fire and it’s been a tug-of-war between the officials and the beachgoers. This is definitely taking it to the next step.

Film Critics

I don’t usually read reviews of a movie BEFORE I see the movie. Frankly, I often times disagree with them.

For years I’ve been reading Jay Boyar in the Sentinel and his reviews of the current movies. Was I asleep at the wheel when the memo came out that he wasn’t reviewing movies anymore??

I just read Roger Moore’s review of War of the Worlds and I fully expected to see Jay’s name there.

As per usual, I disagreed. To read my take on this movie (without any spoilers), jog on over to my blog.

UPDATE: Just found an article that talks about Jay Boyar leaving the Sentinel after 22 years to become a travel editor. Apparently this announcement was made last November. So I don’t feel terribly stupid now.

Flash in the pan:..

Look Out for Flash, and I Don’t Mean Gordon

Orlando police are warning families to be on the lookout for a flasher at shopping centers and tourist areas near International Drive.

Investigators said a man recently exposed himself to a 10-year-old girl in the parking lot of Prime Outlets, at I-Drive and Oak Ridge Road. The girl was taking shopping bags to her family’s car when the man flashed her.

Orlando Police Department said it has increased patrols in and around the outlets, which comes as a huge relief for shoppers.

“Oh! It’s a scary thing, especially at a place like this,” said mother Krystel Lewis. “Anything can happen, especially in a place like this, where people are coming from all over the world.”

Investigators said they’re also looking into two other cases, one that happened at Wet N’ Wild in April and another at a nearby motel last October.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Orlando Police Department.

If someone happens to snap a picture of this freak, please don’t hesitate to post it. It would be too damn funny. Weird.


While I was driving to church this morning, I noticed that someone had changed the sign outside a nearby auto repair place to read “COMPLETE VAGINA SERVICES.”

Amusing. Very immature and not terribly clever, but amusing.

Yes, The Rain Stinks…

… but scenes like this make it more worthwhile for me:

Right before I got my camera they were all in a big puddle taking a bath, but when I came back out they were drying off. Too cute.

Do You Love Children?

That’s what the Family Services of Metro Orlando wants to know… and they hope your answer will be YES! Apparently there is a shortage of adoptive and foster families in central Florida and they are starting an ad campaign on Lynx buses to help raise awareness and hopefully get some interested and involved families.

lynx bus.jpg

Fine art??? Definitely not, but still fun!

Last night my daughter and I attended a little painting class at Michael’s on Hwy 50 near Fashion Square Mall. In fact, I think I spotted Vanessa in there in the past… but I forgot to mention it to her!

Anyway, we learned the no so subtle form of one-stroke painting. You know… the cheesey country bumpkin look that some people feel compelled to put on everything from mailboxes to furniture.

I’m making fun of it and while it’s not fine art, it was an enjoyable evening of learning something new with my best girl. More importantly, she enjoyed it tremendously. The teacher was fantastic and extremely patient. I think we’ll probably do it again next month.

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