OCSO to release info on juvenile sex offenders

The Orange County Sheriffs Office, if I understand correctly, Orange County is the only County in FL to release information regarding juvenile sex offenders. This will be taking place next week.

I stopped by the OCSO site, and followed the link to search the registry, typed in my zip code, and waited for the results. I was sickened to see that in the first page alone, 7 of the sexual predators listed live close to home. Seven. They

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  1. Tammy (unregistered) on April 28th, 2005 @ 12:21 am

    I think it’s a fine idea. If you want to mess up and start sexually abusing people at such an early age, hey, let’s put their names out. I wish Sarasota County would follow suit.

    I also find it appalling just how MANY sex offenders there are out there. Living so close to us and our children. I have the link to the fbi list of all the states registries on my blog, just as a reminder to everyone that they damn sure ought to be keeping an eye on their neighborhoods, and their kids.

    I wanted to do a trackback, Zee, but didn’t see that as an option here. Am I blind and missing it?

  2. Chari (unregistered) on April 28th, 2005 @ 10:23 am

    The “offender” that committed suicide was mentally and physically handicapped, due to menangitis as a child. At the age of 19 [18 years ago], he had exposed himself to a 9 year-old girl. The girl also exposed herself to him. In his mind and the girl’s, it was a “game”.

    He never offended again. The assholes who plastered the fake posters stating he was a “child rapist” should be prosecuted.

  3. zee (unregistered) on April 28th, 2005 @ 11:18 am

    Tammy, I think every county should follow suit. I’m appalled at how one zip code in Orange County has 10 pages worth of sexual offenders, and that’s not including the list of the juveniles to be released next week. And also in the news last night, I saw how police was going door to door, and not finding some of the offenders where they are registered as living. Some are nowhere to be found. Quite disturbing.

    Chari, that is sad, yet a very good point you bring up, particularly since they didn’t spend as much as 10 seconds explaining that this person had taken his own life as a result of who this person was. No history, no detailing what the offense had been. Can you point us to where we can read a much more detailed story? I for one am very interested.

  4. Chari (unregistered) on April 28th, 2005 @ 12:47 pm

    Zee, the information can be found here:

    I had heard the entire back story from the same news source, on a live news broadcast.

  5. zee (unregistered) on April 28th, 2005 @ 2:49 pm

    Chari, thanks for the link. I went and read the report, then watched the video. And I agree, action should be taken against whoever prepared the flyers. No one has the right to create false statements against anyone. This action this person(s) took may have cost a life, and that is indeed very sad.

    As parents, we DO have the right to be informed if a sexual offender lives nearby, and that is exactly what the OCSO is doing by putting forth this information.

  6. Edwin (unregistered) on July 17th, 2005 @ 7:28 pm

    There is a difference between an “adult” grown man, married, with children who rapes a child and an 18 or 19 yr old who has consensual sex with his girlfriend. We need to separate the two. Onecould be harmless to anyone else and the other should not be loose. One person who is accused by his partner because of a domestic squabble and one who doesn’t even know his victim. I’m sure if we didn’t exagerate the list would be much shorter, and then this program would be more effective.

  7. J (unregistered) on March 2nd, 2006 @ 6:09 pm

    This is what we need now, enough coddling of these offenders. We need to protect our oved ones and stop giving offenders all the rights, Sex Offender Legislation “Wish List”
    1- GPS and lifetime supervision/treatment Law The failure of today’s solutions regarding sexual offenders is because we are stuck in the strategy of “public notification” rather than “controlling offenders”. The current model puts the burden on parents rather than offenders, and makes the wrong people work to prevent abuse. Remotely (GPS) knowing where an offender is at all times throughout his lifetime can help to prevent that offender from creating new cases of sexual abuse.
    2- Include all known offenders in the management plan-for life. It is wrong to include just those under supervision since the Meagan’s Law was written. People do not ever age out of this behavior so why an old is charge less important than a new charge. Sexual offences are the most under reported crimes (according to the FBI). The fact that a molester has not been arrested recently does not necessarily means he has not offended. In my opinion all offenders should be included in any plan, regardless of when their offense occurred. I believe some states have done this already.
    3- Put all offenders , levels I, II or III on the website . I believe Florida does this. The leveling tool is very poor and pedophiles often end up with only a level I because they did not use force, and they superficially complied with treatment. The way the leveling system works pedophilic “groomers” who do not use force (and are the most busy of all offenders with hundreds of victims) are often not level III’s and therefore are able to have their offense relatively unknown. In New York for example offenders can lawyer up and reduce the “level” they get at their hearing. Molesters can assert they are “non violent”, “sober”, ect, and get the “points” reduced or get the judge to “override” the scale. Currently the public notification system is failing. All offenders of all levels should be on the website.
    4- “Victim Shield Law”. As you know one of the few protections we offer rape victims is “Rape shield laws”, in order to at least try and prevent a rape victim’s sexual history from being put on trial rather than the rapist. In child sexual abuse cases there are no “Rape shield laws” to prevent the victim, or the victim’s family (often the mother) from being made the center of negative attention. In the past defense lawyers for rapists would portray rape victims as promiscuous, today child molester’s lawyers portray victims and victim’s mothers as manipulative, litigious, unreliable, angry, mentally ill, sociopathic, medicated, or undedicated. Because we as a society love to blame women, especially mothers, molesters have been able to harness the misogyny in our culture in order to escape responsibility for their offences. Like the old rape cases that would revolve around the victims sexual past, today molester cases revolve around a child or a mother’s real or fictional problems instead of the focus of attention being the sexual abuse committed by the offender. I do not know if there can ever be a “victim shield law” to prevent the victim/victim’s mother being put on trial rather than the molester, but I know it would help victims avoid being re-traumatized in the system and help society hold sexual offenders accountable. One of the things to always remember with offenders is they are control seekers, and will take any opportunity to attack rather than just defend. They feel entitled to their behavior and see being held accountable as an injustice they are being forced to suffer, and they have zero guilt in harming any number of people (even their children) in order to escape the consequences they deserve.
    5- Plea deals down to “Endangering the welfare of a minor”. Despite the underlying behavior being the sexual abuse of children offenders are often given convictions that hide the nature of their behavior. When this happens offenders can get employment that gives them access to children, offenders are not on the State Sex Offender Registry. The other consequence to their being given non-sexual charges is that it cuts their supervision time in half. Misdemeanor sex offences carry 6 years probation supervision but “Endangering the welfare of a minor” carries only three. I feel the law should be changed so offenders cannot be given non-sexual abuse charges.
    6- Make “Endangering the welfare of a minor” registerable , if the judge feels it was a sexually motivated crime. The registry is to narrow and limited as to what crimes can be registered. Laws be changed so “endangering the welfare of a minor” is registerable when the behavior or motivation was sexual.
    7- “Standardized” conditions for those on sex offender probation. Right now offenders with good lawyers can get specific (or all) sex offender conditions removed from their sexual offender conditions of probation. This means that sexual offenders are on probation but are allowed to drink alcohol, work with children, have computers, go to bars, and do other things that will create a higher risk for the community. I feel there should be a “Statewide Sex Offender Conditions of Probation” that conditions cannot be removed from (but conditions can be added to suite the offenders issues).
    8- Sexual Offender Contraband law- Strangely it is legal for sexual offenders off probation to own all kinds of things such as handcuffs, police lights, spy cameras, and software to make their internet behavior more anonymous.
    9- Sex Offender use of technology law- When bank robbers use technology such as wearing body armor the penalties are increased, why are sex offender allowed to use any technology without added consequences. Offenders choose the internet because it allows greater access to children and greater anonymity. They should be punished for use of technology to harm a child. (technology such as Computers, digital cameras, webcams, ect)
    10- “Secrecy Bind Law” The offender getting his victim to not report the crime he committed should be a separate crime that he suffers added consequences for. The pain that a victim suffers because the offender threatened, tricked, or manipulated the victim into silence should be seen as a separate and deserving of added consequences.
    11- “Parental Alienation Syndrome” is a pseudo syndrome that is being used to get offenders off the hook by saying (incorrectly) that sexual abuse allegations come from a manipulative ex- playing head games with a child rather than because the child was actually molested. This “Parental Alienation Syndrome” is not a legitimate disorder, has not been subjected to peer review, has been ignored for 20 years by the APA, AMA, NASW, ECT because it is just a sophisticated way to say your wife is crazy and turned everyone against you. It is being pushed by hired guns such as Doctors, PhD’s, and lawyers to get their child molesting clients out of trouble. It is a favorite of the “Fathers Rights” groups who see men as victims of the Family Court system. By the way, these “Fathers rights” groups, “wrongly accused” groups, and “victims of allegations” groups are very organized and spend a good deal of time and energy networking and paying professionals. These angry, entitled molesters are organized and work hard, and I feel we need to work just as hard against them. My point is I feel we need some legislation to block this fake disorder from being used in court.

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