Bring Back The Oldies, Part II

Just a bit of an update on my original post of February 3, 2005 regarding the loss of the only Oldies format radio station in Orlando.

This morning I received a comment to the post from former Program Director J.J. Duling with a clarification on remarks by some commenters and his suggestions for those who are interested in trying to bring back an Oldies format at some other Orlando radio station. Since the original post is almost 3 months old, I thought I would reproduce Mr. Duling’s comment in this new post so that it doesn’t get missed in the mass of all our other wonderful comments.

I want to thank all of you who have posted with your kind comments about the demise of Big 100. That early February day was truly a sad day, not only for you but for your Big 100 team who enjoyed playing your music for you every day.

I did notice a couple of postings suggesting I had a hand in the format switch (because of the wording of the “farewell” Email we sent out). I was as surprised as all of you- the Big 100 staff was given the bad news at around 9:30 that morning and a couple of hours later, BOOM–we were history.

I’ve received thousands (many thousands) of Emails and phone calls, asking me what you can do to bring our favorite music back to Orlando. The best thing I can suggest is to lobby the other broadcast companies in Central FL, including Cox, Infinity and others with your heartfelt, respectful and intelligent letters, Emails and phone calls. I would also suggest avoiding bashing Hispanics or Spanish music- I’d think that in 2005 we are past that.

Thank you again for all your kind words and support- LONG LIVE ROCK & ROLL!


Here is my reply to Mr. Duling.

Dear Mr. Duling,

Thanks so much for your comment of Monday, April 25th. As the author of the original post (not the comments), I think I can speak for most readers and hopefully most of the commenters when I say we appreciate the clarification and the suggestion. And we’re in complete agreement on the fact that there is no need in this day and age for people to mindlessly bash another type of music.

I hope that, since you are in the industry, if you should hear of a station that will begin airing oldies rock n’ roll in Orlando that you might post here again to let us know; or you can feel free to send me an e-mail and I will post a blog entry to announce it on the MetroBlog. We miss all of you from the station and wish you the best!

Thank you again,
The Masked Blogger

So, there you have it. If we want to try and see another Orlando area station begin airing an Oldies format, we’ve heard from someone inside the industry on the best way to approach that effort.

Thanks again to Mr. Duling for his comment.

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  1. Gus McCormack (unregistered) on May 6th, 2005 @ 4:30 pm

    Im going to miss the oldies when we vacation in Orlando annually but after the demise of 105.9 and the quick birth of the superb New Cool 100, Big100 for me kind of lost its way latterly – when they changed the format to play nothing before ’64.

    I do hope that the oldies return (hopefully before September) but with a more 105.9 / Cool 100 feel.

    All is not lost though – RealOldies 1690am out of Chicago does the biz and I can listen to it from 5000 miles away. I cant understand how some stations get round the Internet thing but long may it continue.

    Long live the Oldies!

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