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Library Delivery Service Costs Thousands

After reading this yesterday I have to admit I was very surprised.

How many of you have used this service? I know I did and felt it very convenient. When I moved into Volusia County they would allow you to put books on hold online, then call when they came in so you could pick them up. I found that a little annoying after the luxury of having my books delivered, but quickly realized this was MUCH FASTER, as I got my books in days, not weeks.

Even still, had I known how much this service was costing, I might have stopped using it. Do you feel this service should continue or be shut down and the money used to open a new branch, as the article suggests?

Fires In Fords

As I’d posted on my blog previously, my next door neighbor’s 1998 Ford Explorer exploded in their garage a few Saturday nights ago. WESH channel 2 [NBC affiliate], filed an investigative report this past week with regard to the defective cruise control switches on these vehicles. Just last night, they reported that Ford is expanding the safety notices to include Explorers, Windstars, Econolines and Ranger pickups [years 1997 – 2002]. They haven’t expanded the recall to these vehicles yet, but if you own one, you should disconnect the part as shown here.

To sum it up, if you own a 1997 – 2002 Ford truck, van or SUV, disconnect this switch and get in touch with your dealer — if not for peace of mind, then to ensure the saftey of your family and your property.

OCSO to release info on juvenile sex offenders

The Orange County Sheriffs Office, if I understand correctly, Orange County is the only County in FL to release information regarding juvenile sex offenders. This will be taking place next week.

I stopped by the OCSO site, and followed the link to search the registry, typed in my zip code, and waited for the results. I was sickened to see that in the first page alone, 7 of the sexual predators listed live close to home. Seven. They

Bring Back The Oldies, Part II

Just a bit of an update on my original post of February 3, 2005 regarding the loss of the only Oldies format radio station in Orlando.

This morning I received a comment to the post from former Program Director J.J. Duling with a clarification on remarks by some commenters and his suggestions for those who are interested in trying to bring back an Oldies format at some other Orlando radio station. Since the original post is almost 3 months old, I thought I would reproduce Mr. Duling’s comment in this new post so that it doesn’t get missed in the mass of all our other wonderful comments.

I want to thank all of you who have posted with your kind comments about the demise of Big 100. That early February day was truly a sad day, not only for you but for your Big 100 team who enjoyed playing your music for you every day.

I did notice a couple of postings suggesting I had a hand in the format switch (because of the wording of the “farewell” Email we sent out). I was as surprised as all of you- the Big 100 staff was given the bad news at around 9:30 that morning and a couple of hours later, BOOM–we were history.

I’ve received thousands (many thousands) of Emails and phone calls, asking me what you can do to bring our favorite music back to Orlando. The best thing I can suggest is to lobby the other broadcast companies in Central FL, including Cox, Infinity and others with your heartfelt, respectful and intelligent letters, Emails and phone calls. I would also suggest avoiding bashing Hispanics or Spanish music- I’d think that in 2005 we are past that.

Thank you again for all your kind words and support- LONG LIVE ROCK & ROLL!


Here is my reply to Mr. Duling.

Dear Mr. Duling,

Thanks so much for your comment of Monday, April 25th. As the author of the original post (not the comments), I think I can speak for most readers and hopefully most of the commenters when I say we appreciate the clarification and the suggestion. And we’re in complete agreement on the fact that there is no need in this day and age for people to mindlessly bash another type of music.

I hope that, since you are in the industry, if you should hear of a station that will begin airing oldies rock n’ roll in Orlando that you might post here again to let us know; or you can feel free to send me an e-mail and I will post a blog entry to announce it on the MetroBlog. We miss all of you from the station and wish you the best!

Thank you again,
The Masked Blogger

So, there you have it. If we want to try and see another Orlando area station begin airing an Oldies format, we’ve heard from someone inside the industry on the best way to approach that effort.

Thanks again to Mr. Duling for his comment.

An Odd Combination

I was taking my son and nephew over to Seminole Towne Center theatres today to see the movie Robots. This was a very cute movie and interesting enough to keep two almost four year olds entertained for 90 minutes. With that in mind, I give it two thumbs up.

Since I’m coming from Deltona in a car that has seen better days, I usually take the backroads to get over to this area (it’s also our closest mall). Everytime I go I pass this place and mentally “Ewwww”:

Are You Out There?

I’ve been noticing that the majority of comments made on the posts here are from those of us who are authors on the site. I want to believe that we’re not the only ones who read the posts…

So, please do me a favor.

For those of you who come here regularly [or not] and read what’s put up here — uncloak and let us hear from you. Let’s have all of you de-lurk for a while and just send us a comment on this post. You don’t have to divulge anything, just give us a shout-out.

Thanks! OK — it’s mostly for me, but I’m pretty sure Solonor whines about it when he thinks no one is listening.

Florida now to monitor sex offenders via GPS!

About a month ago I was very moved by the events surrounding Jessica Lunsford’s abduction and murder by an alleged sex offender. I blogged about how I wish lawmakers would do something to keep people like this man under surveillance (via ankle bracelets) and worry less about someone like Martha Stewart.

Children make up 30% of our population… but they are 100% of our future. We cannot afford to take life for granted in this way. We cannot afford to put our society at constant risk from these deviants.

And for those that wail about the costs of putting ankle bracelets on every violent or sexual offender, I offer this following food for thought. How much will it cost to monitor these predators via ankle bracelet vs. what it will NOW cost us to prosecute, imprison, handle 10 years worth of appeals and finally (hopefully!) execute this man. I’ve read that it costs states millions of dollars annually to handle prisoners on death row…. millions of dollars annually. That sure would buy a lot of bracelets and equipment and manpower.

So here’s the question for the ages… is an ounce of prevention better than a pound of cure? Sure seems like we are a society all about the cure, and very little about the prevention.

Tonight I was reading THIS article and I wanted to cheer outloud. I don’t know Jessica Lunsford or her family or anyone related to this case. But I am a mother, and I can only IMAGINE the heartache any family goes through when something tragic happens to a child, but it must be torture for them knowing it was completely AVOIDABLE!!

Bravo Florida… we may not do everything right, but I believe we hit a homerun on this one. Out of the park. Bravo.

Charges Dropped Against Dyer

Charges dropped against Dyer and others

Guess now we’ll have to see if Gov. Jeb! will reinstate him. I don’t see that he’ll have a choice on it, though.

Orlando Rats

I don’t get into downtown Orlando much (although I will be doing so quite a bit in the near future, so if anyone has suggestions as to good nightspots, I’d love to hear them) and according to a news item over at that might be a GOOD thing. That’s because there has been a population jump in the number of rats in the downtown area. The linked article explains the reasons.

But what jumped out at me was this line:

The problem is so significant in Central Florida, a rodent trapping company has a website called

I literally started laughing out loud when I read that name, though the situation is certainly no laughing matter. But when you think of the Mickey Mouse connection to Orlando, it just seems a humorous natural extension.

The Central Florida Computer Society

If you enjoy computers and technology and the people who enjoy them as well, you should check out the Central Florida Computer Society.

I was a member years ago, then let my membership lapse when my schedule became too hectic and some of my priorities shifted. Yesterday I attended the monthly meeting and renewed my membership, and I’m glad I did.

The CFCS is a group of people who enjoy exploring computers and technology. They range from people with degrees in Computer Science to people who might be your parents or grandparents. I got a real kick out of watching a woman in her 70’s with her laptop explaining that she was configuring her wireless connection and pinging an IP address! There are a lot of people in the membership who have loads of “down in the trenches”, everyday experience with building computers, upgrading hardware, configuring software and managing just about any program you might have on your computer. One of the best features of the monthly meetings is what they call the “Ask it basket”, where anyone can submit a question regarding a difficulty they might be having or seeking guidance for a planned upgrade, etc. I watched the people present share a wealth of knowledge on each and every question that was posed.

The Society has a very informative website (see link above), meets once a month at the Orlando Science Center, has Special Interest Groups that meet at numerous times and locations and publishes a printed monthly magazine (they call it a newsletter, but it’s 20 pages of helpful information and reviews) that is mailed out to all members. Membership dues for an individual are a paltry $36 annually.

Check out the website and consider attending the meeting next month on May 15th.

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