Flea World!

I don’t know if anyone has been to Flea World lately, but today my husband, son, nephew and I decided to go because it’s been a while.

I remember the days of having 3-4 air conditioned halls and the rest was sweltering heat. Well, no longer! It’s all air conditioned now. Sure, it’s also open air, but it still felt fine to us today.

If there’s anywhere to get bargains, it’s here, as long as you are careful. We got a cell phone case and car charger for our new cell phone for $5 each and different odd n ends for $1-$3 each. Most places offer 30 day exchange warranties if something doesn’t work correctly. And there is lots of food and drinks, along with FUN WORLD, a mini fair, for the kids.

Fun World is also a bargain. Take this from a Mom who carts her child to any possible activity to get him out of the house. Different areas for different age groups and lots of things to do. You can even have birthday parties there!

I found something funny and something disturbing while there today.

This was in the Ladies restroom. I thought the note UNDER the ‘property damage’ was rather ironic and amusing.

And this bothered me a lot:

It’s been several years since the Columbia tragedy. Does noone think maybe they ought to replace the name or just remove the shuttle all together? It just seemed sad and wrong.

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  1. David July (unregistered) on March 14th, 2005 @ 7:37 pm

    Looks like that Space Shuttle could desperately use a paint job. No need to remove it completely; but a new name would seem appropriate.

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