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Political whoring…


Billy Manes’ kickoff party tonight!
Where: The Peacock Room (Mills Ave.)
Time: 9pm
Cover: $5
DJ Gomez
Doris Delay
Lane Barrington

Be there if you care.

Terri Schiavo has died

Terri Schiavo dies, at age 41, March 31, 2005.

Terri Schiavo

May you rest in peace, Terri.


Well last night my siblings and mother and I were altogether and we decided to grab a bite to eat. My youngest brother suggested eating at Chipotle .

Now I’ve never eaten here before and I’ve been curious about it for some time now, just never taken a moment to go into one. I see them everywhere in Orlando.

For any of you who have eaten at a Baja Burrito Kitchen, the fare is similar… only it’s a tad more limited. I enjoyed my burrito immensely however (I had the spicy beef). I will definitely go back in the future with my children.

The funny part was the dicussion we got into over how to pronounce the name. Being “married” to a spanish speaking, Venezuelan native, I have a pretty good command of the spanish language. I wouldn’t call myself fluent, but close.

Anyway, we’re sitting there eating the burritos and my siblings kept wanting to call it chipolte (CHEE-pole-tee). And even the table next to us joined in the discussion. I guess it’s a common question… So I tried to get them to say it in spanish (and stop butchering it in english). For the record… it’s Chipotle (chee-POAT-leh).

There endeth the spanish lesson for the day… from this gringa anyway.

Free WiFi? Think again.

Orlando has its Downtown Wireless District, but Florida lawmakers are working to keep their real constituents happy. Of course, I don’t mean us! I mean the guys that line their campaign coffers, silly.

Orlando Sentinel: Cities, Internet giants fight over wireless turf

Cyber-savvy cities across Central Florida are eager to bring wireless Internet to the masses. From Port Orange to St. Cloud, wi-fi is seen as a vital service, like electricity or the telephone. And city officials want to be the ones providing it to their residents. But three bills working their way through the Florida Legislature would effectively block local governments from fulfilling their cyber mission.

Backed by telecommunications heavyweights including Verizon Communications Inc. and Bright House Networks, the House and Senate bills aim to keep cities from launching wireless networks. They also would stop those that already offer it, such as Orlando and St. Cloud, from expanding the service further.

One quote from the article that sticks out is how we need to go forward with projects like these only if the big telcom companies say it’s ok. WTF??? Look, I can see where businesses ought to make a buck if they can, but where the hell do they get off? Are Borders and Barnes & Noble going to shut down the libraries as being anti-competitive, now? Puh-leeze.

Rock ‘n’ roll racket!

Woo hoo! My favorite radio station – WPRK Rollins College radio – is streaming on the web. Now all y’all outside the range can listen to this eclectic schedule, too!

To all the naysayers…

Drew Garabo is back on the air at O-Rock 105.9 from 3PM-7PM. And to all those that don’t like Drew I hope he is just as crass and maintains his acerbic wit that so many of you found so distasteful. I hope he offends you severely sending you crying home to your mother.
drew garabo, o-rock, 105.9, drew, garabo
Just kidding.
talk radio, Orlando, the drew show, Howard Stern
No I’m not.

Welcome back Drew.

You can’t keep a good guy down. Let the flames begin.

There’s a new, uh, Mayor in town….and he’s fabulous!

Billy Manes for Mayor! Billy Manes for Mayor!

That’s right boys and girls you heard it here first, or perhaps second but oh who’s counting. Our resident nightlife guru and Orlando Weekly columnist Billy Manes is running in the special election to fill the mayoral position left vacant by Buddy Dyer as he is put through the system on charges of voter fraud.

For those that don’t know Billy I can’t begin to tell you how cool this is. Not only is it a great way to stick it to the man but this is a great opportunity to get involved in your community and perhaps aid in making some changes that will make this town a better place to live. To see what Billy’s platform is all about and to find information on how you can get involved with his campaign go to and check the man out.

Good luck to you Mr. Manes, and know that you’ve definitely got a FryGuy in your corner.



With the weather getting better every day, soon we Floridians will be out and about traveling (I know the gas prices are getting up there), to places to kill a weekend or just an afternoon. Boy do I have the book for you. ODD BALL FLORIDA this book is full of 1-2 paragraphs about out of sight places and some we all know very well. I plan on trying to get to some of the weird one’s around our area, like the grave marker in the middle of the road, Castle of Coral (south Florida), Kissimmee outings and some other weird ones. Definatly worth the $15 bucks at the local Barnes and Noble bookstore and probably a great bit to write about in here if it’s in our local area, plus pictures for our ever growing Flickr photoblog for Orlando metblog.

Jessica Lunsford

I don’t normally cross-post between the Orlando metblog and my personal one. But I’ve been very moved to write a compelling article about this entire situation and to be honest, it came out better than I thought it would.

So… I’ve put it here for consideration.

Eyewitness To History: Hurricane Season 2004 DVD Pack

hurrricane.bmp The 2004 hurricane season is one that no Central Floridian will ever forget. We were hit by three storms that did massive damage and left us with an even greater understanding of the power of hurricanes.

The eyes of the nation were on Central Florida during the historic hurricane season of 2004, and no other station in Florida covered Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne quite like Channel 9 Eyewitness News. From the precise storm tracking of Chief Meteorologist Tom Terry to the incredible stories of courage of Central Florida’s residents told by Channel 9’s award winning journalists, WFTV was prepared for the storm season of 2004 like no one else.

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