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Comedy in Orlando

Did anyone notice that I haven

Orlando: Under Construction

avalon-park-sml.jpgOrlando is beautiful. I guess that’s why it seems like everyone is moving here. Growth can be seen everywhere. Sadly, more growth equals less of nature to enjoy. Everywhere you look, new communities are under construction.

East Orlando is no exception. Where am I on Orlando’s map? I live in Waterford Lakes, next door to Avalon Park. Avalon Park is beautiful, features it’s own little town, with nice shops, and their very own festivals. The zone is booming, and houses around the area are selling like hotcakes; starting prices don’t seem to be a factor, whatsoever.

I used to love driving down Avalon Park Blvd, taking in all the green, the birds, the trees, but that has changed in the past few months. Now, little over a mile down the road from my house towards Avalon Park, there’s a very convenient Publix plaza, open daily, albeit only until 9pm. On my way over to the supermarket, I sigh deeply, because there is far less of nature for one to breathe in. Such is growth. The scene has changed greatly:

Got Benches??

I recently came across an article in the Orlando Weekly from a few weeks ago about Hernandon Square Park in downtown Orlando. I do not remember the exact address of the park but it’s on a busy main street right bewteen the Lynx bus station and the Orlando public library. Anyways it’s a popular place to sit and relax around a few fake art pieces of animals and they have a water fountain or something with water their. I drove past it the other month and it looked different but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Till now… the benches that use to be in and around the area for people to eat their lunches on or just sit and relax were taken out of the area the day before Hurricane Charley came thru.

Gigga What???

Okay, so I have to tell you about this weird encounter I had yesturday during my lunch break in downtown Orlando. There my co-worker and I went to the nearest Goth store so she could get her daughter some kind of wrist band with this Emily chick on it. I have no clue what the heck this stuff is but anyways… we made it to the store and I’m just looking around, minding my own buisness when this pale white lady dressed in head to toe black in her late 50’s early 60’s starts telling me things about myself.


What an awful, drizzly, cold, dreary, gray day. It’s the kind of day that makes you sleepy just looking out the window. I’ve wanted to curl up under a big pile of blankets and nap all day.

The only comfort on a day like this is that we don’t have a whole winter full of these dismal things like our poor friends up north.

Girl Scout Cookie Time!!

thin mints.bmp

Well I got my delivery… just in the nick of bad timing. Argh! We’ve just finished purging our house of everything containing sugar.. and here come my three boxes of thin mints!!

I also like the Caramel Delights, but boy does it seem like you just get a few cookies for your $3.50?? I know it’s supporting a good cause. I was a girl scout once myself.

Well, for all of you who forgot to order, look out around the neighborhood this weekend for girls with the tempting cookies!!

MegaCon 2005

If you’re a fan of comic books, science fiction, toys, games, or television and movies in those genres, then the Orange County Convention Center is the place to be starting tomorrow at 1pm for MegaCon 2005. Among the special guests appearing will be Sam Jones III who plays Pete Ross on Smallville, and Mercedes McNab who played Harmony on Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Sam Jones III and Mercedes McNab

Other featured events include a costume contest, previews of upcoming science fiction and comic based movies, gaming areas and panels with comic book and film personalities. The dealer rooms feature comic books, toys, videos, autograph booths, collectibles… really just about anything that has to do with the industries mentioned above. If you’ve never been you should try at least one day, if for no other reason than to just see what it is like to have Superman or Wonder Woman walk by you while an Imperial Stormtrooper keeps his eye on you.

The convention opens at 1pm on Friday and runs through the weekend until Sunday evening. Tickets are available at the door for $20 per day or $45 for all three days.

VOIP Phones

I want to go on record stating that I HATE BellSouth. I hate any company that is just plain big and sloth like and lazy because they can be.

A few months ago, we moved (about a mile away) and BellSouth put the nails in the coffin for themselves. First they wouldn’t give us the same number we’ve had for over 9 years. Secondly, they were going to charge us $40 to switch our service over to the new number.

So, in this age of cell phones and considering we rarely use the house phone, we attempted for a few months just getting by on our cell phones. However we heard about a company called Vonage who offers voice over ip telephony for homes.

You have to have broadband internet (high speed) and there is a router provided by Vonage that converts your phone call information (your voice) to data and sends it out via the internet. The calls are clear and sound like regular ole copper wire phone calls. I’ve used this technology with my work for over a year now, and it’s fantastic.

So for $15 a month, we have our local home phone (we got back our old number — thank you vonage!!). So take THAT BellSouth. We were paying about $35 a month for basic phone service and putting up with red tape of that behemoth company, and now we’re done with them.

In addition to Vonage, I believe that now our local cable company is offering this same phone service, but they are charging $30 a month. For those of you sick of BellSouth and their stupid fees, c’mon over.

Oooh… pretty…

Notice the new header graphic? Those are 15 random photos from our Flickr group! They’re going to start doing this at all the Metblogs cities. So, when we post a picture to our group, it has a chance of winding up as one of the pics of the day. Neat, huh?

Metaphysical anyone?

I am an open minded skeptic about things metaphysical. How contradictory is that? But I have a VERY good friend of mine who regularly (once every couple of months) attends seminars about cutting edge consciousness topics.

She’s invited me to go to a Dream seminar this week held at Tranquil Oasis. It sounds interesting, and I might go. It’s downtown and very close by for me, and not terribly expensive. I just have to shut up the skeptic on my right shoulder.

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