Parents on Strike

Well, this happened right here where I live, so I thought I’d comment. I guess these parents had enough of their kids not helping around the house and went on strike.

First off let me say, when I lived in Orlando directly, I barely recall ever hearing anything about Deltona, aside from those horrible mass murders back in August. Now I hear news from this city all the time. I’d like to think it’s because Deltona is more newsworthy since I moved here, but it’s more likely a case of me not paying attention because Deltona wasn’t close to home.

Back to the parents. I’d be interested in hearing what others think about this. Apparently the parents went through all the normal punishments to try and get their kids to clean up, do their laundry and help out more. Those didn’t work. So instead they camped out in their front yard, leaving the chores for the kids. They have to do something since noone else is their to do it for them.

I can understand how they feel (I’d like to go on strike sometimes too), and I think maybe it wasn’t a bad decision at first. But with all the media attention it’s created I am not sure it’s really helping anymore. Not to mention, I think 4 days is long enough and now it’s time to have a talk with their kids and see what they have learned. I mean, how long do they intend to stay in the front yard anyway?

Anyone else have any opinions?

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  1. Jenn (unregistered) on December 9th, 2004 @ 11:56 pm

    First off I think the parents need to control their kids, or they wouldn’t be problems in the first place. Second to do it publicly is going to screw them up even more than they already are, if you have to do this in the first place.
    Third, it’s old news and lets move on already.
    Fourth you are correct we are hearing alot about Deltona now.
    Fifth, a personal note. Annmarie, I am having a really hard time having my comments post on your log. I’ve tried thousands of times. Keeps getting rejected and stuff. Anyways.. I still read your blog. Incase you were wondering. :0)

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