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New Years without Dick

Am I the only one who feels like New Years just isn’t the same with Regis?? Don’t get me wrong, I like Regis alright.. but I miss Dick.


Nope… here’s hoping we get Dick back next year.

Orlando Area Celebrity Encounter…

Since I am no longer working at the doctor’s office where this took place I feel I can share this very funny moment with you all. Living here in Central Florida I have seen a few famous people out in public.
But at work, that’s another thing.

Once this celebrity came in, it struck me as his hair was not really wild like it is on TV and movies. He’s rather nice looking in person and very funny. I had a hard time taking his blood pressure cause he talked thru out the whole procedure and cracked me up. Jokes and everything this is one truly funny guy. Now I can not tell you his real name but I can give you his stage name (I guess they call it that) or better yet a picture!


*If you ever see him out and about, talk to him you won’t regret it.

Best/Worst of 2004 for Orlando…

I saw this on another cities post and thought why not.
What would you say was the best and the worst moment for Orlando and the Central Florida area in 2004??

Mine would be…
Best moment: John Kerry campaigning in our own backyard many times!
Worst moment: Hurricane Charley August 13th, 2004!

Got $199.00 Burning A Hole In Your Pocket??

If so, why not join the “special” people down on Church Street in downtown Orlando to welcome in the New Year with that smart witty ummmmm… I mean Paris Hilton. She’s gonna be at her new club called Club Paris! Which actually opens tonight to VIP’s by invitation only, but tickets are still avaliable and even VIP sections for New Years Eve, just another $50.00 bucks bringing that total to $249.00!!


Ages for the club is Ladies 18+ and Gentelmen 21+, that doesn’t seem fair but hey she must like older men!! I’m starting to see some similar things between me and her, scary! So get plastered, act like your on an A list of people and dance the night away with Paris Hilton, if she stays the whole time. Now if you visit the site and see her EAT THE RICH outfit, is she going to wear that?? HA!

*Note: If anyone actually goes I would love to see pictures from it. That is if flash photogtraphy is welcomed!

Gaylord Palms ICE!

Well I tried this yesterday (with photo) but it would seem I’m slightly photo challenged in the resizing department.

But back to the subject… last week we went to the Gaylord Palms ICE display. I know many of you who probably went last year, but we weren’t able to. So we were excited about going to see this amazing display. And indeed, it was spectacular.

We had a chillingly good time and it was worth the price of admission (although I must admit I was a little ticked at the thot of having to pay $7 to park!!!).

Until I fix my photo issue.. you may surf on over to my personal blog for photos of the event.

As an aside.. I was using Firehand Ember for resizing but had to uninstall and reinstall and after doing so discovered I had installed a newer version that no longer included resizing photos as a part of the FREE edition. Anyone have any alternate suggestions?

Deltona in the House

In my last post (which was……anyhow..) I mentioned how much media coverage my new city of residence, Deltona, has been getting lately. Not long after we made national headlines again with this lovely sinkhole, about 3 minutes from where I live:

Isn’t that pretty? Fortunately it didn’t get in the way of our normal day-to-day activities and I suppose it’s good that it happened during Christmas break, since it IS right across from Deltona High School.

But now, to make things even better, we have this story about a woman who drove drunk into the sinkhole! She got past the cones and tape and whatever they had set up to keep people away. She’s lucky this didn’t happen a week ago, before they started filling it up.

Now, be honest: Doesn’t all this lovely news coverage make you want to sell your home and fly out here to Deltona? Our property values weren’t astronomical to begin with, I have a feeling they aren’t getting much higher. On the other hand, hotels are booming with tourists who stop to see the sinkhole before they take their trip to Disney.

New Year’s Eve Ideas???

Does anyone have any news on what might be going on around the Orlando area, as far as New Years Eve stuff?? I was considering going to the Godsmack concert at Hard Rock but decided not to go. I would like to go out and enjoy what Orlando has to offer at night. Any ideas would be appreciated and if anyone would like to join me, that would be great too. I was heading out stag anyways!! :0)

The New Year

Does anyone make resolutions for the new year? I do not myself, but thought it would be interesting to read what others may have on their list for 2005.

Goodbye, folks!

Tomorrow is the 23rd of December and Evelyn and I are heading for Miami. We’ll check in our baggage, sit 10 hours in the plane to Paris. We’ll transfer to another plane, 2 more hours and we’ll be home in Vienna. And hopefully our baggage will be there, too.

We had a great time here and I really enjoyed blogging for the Orlando Metroblog. And it was really nice to actually get to meet some of you. Viva Cthulhu!

I think I’ll be back in town end of 2005. I hope I’m welcome to blog again next year.

Best wishes, and please feel free to visit my home metroblog in Vienna and our monochrom blog.

See ya!

A Weekend Story

I know we are not supposed to cross post, but since it has been exactly forever since my last contribution here, I figured why not.

I will be extraordinarily happy when this holiday season concludes, if for no other reason than the traffic patterns that have established as of late are abhorrently oppressive. While I am enjoying my truncated morning commute to the office, what I make-up in time is more then well accounted for during the evening commute home. Not to mention exactly how badly the driving is during all of this holiday panicking. Nothing communicates the good sprit of the holiday season better than reckless driving.

This holiday season did bring with it my first foray into the realm of corporate holiday parties. While the Gray Robinson holiday extravaganza was first class, it was not with my own co-workers. Our holiday event was held at the Marriott Orlando World Center Resort near the Walt Disney complex. The World Center (whose website redundantly proclaims it to be “One of the finest Orlando Resorts in Florida”) is a large, y-shaped complex containing four-diamond amenities, a professional level golf course and the quality of service one would expect from an upper-level resort hotel. We were given the opportunity to purchase a room at a greatly reduced rate for the night for after the party, an offer that was truly too good to pass over.


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