Baseball with the tourists

Who’d have thought the Sox could have, for the first time in MLB history, force a game 7 after being down 3 games to none? So tonight it’s winner-take-all and I really don’t care. I’m not a baseball fan in the least, but I told a couple friends I’d meet them down at ESPN Club at Disney’s Boardwalk last night to watch the game. With a good environment of fans cheering maybe I could just get into it. Turns out I was bored to tears. Plus, there was a convention on WDW property that day 10,000 guests strong. It would be safe to say we were the only locals in the place. Not that the tourists weren’t into it, because they were. Maybe I’ll come back if the NHL ever plays again.

I watched the Lightning win the cup in several local places including Damon’s, Friday’s Front Row, Orlando Ale House and Frogger’s, and I must say Ale House had the best environment. Anyway, so I can go to Ale House for next year’s MLB playoffs, read on for what needs to be done for me to enjoy baseball.

1. Merge the two leagues into one and hold them as separate conferences with the same rules and play between the teams. Who cares about the World Series when it’s possible the two teams haven’t even faced off against one another that year?

2. Institute a play clock where the pitcher has to throw the ball within a short amount of time instead of spending eternity between each pitch (the NHL did this with dropping the puck, though the ‘clock’ is behind the scenes – it shaved 20 minutes off the game).

3. If the catcher or coach want to talk to the pitcher, they must use one of three timeouts.

4. Play under any weather conditions.

5. If you hit a foul ball with two strikes, you should be out.

6. The World Series should be a single game, winner-take-all.

7. Coach’s challenge – when the umpires make a bad call, the coach can throw out a flag and have the call reviewed.

8. Cut the game to 7 innings. The starting pitcher should pitch the entire game unless he’s playing terribly or injured, in which case a substitution can be made provided you have a timeout remaining.

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