I’m just here for the gasoline.

Wish me luck. I’m headed home with less than a quarter tank of gas, and all the stations between here and the house were empty this morning.

When people complain about the government and, you know, laws and stuff…I hope they realize exactly how much we’d be paying for an ounce of gasoline around here right now without anti-gouging laws and price caps! There is nary a drop to be found around here. They’re filling the tanks as fast as they can, even having the Florida Highway Patrol escort the trucks. (Though I’m wondering if that has as much to do with speeding deliveries as it does with avoiding hijackers…as someone on the radio put it yesterday, “Pretty soon it’s gonna look like Mad Max.”)

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  1. zee (unregistered) on September 7th, 2004 @ 5:58 pm

    It’s incredible this whole gas ordeal. I’m glad I don’t have to step outside for anything. My husband was smart and took the car to work this morning, instead of the bike.

    Sad to hear about that accident, the one with the two motorcycles, all four dead. Hits clost to home. As a biker, I know WHY the wanted to ride out, but it’s just NOT SMART. Too bad they didn’t follow curfew. :o(

  2. AnnMarie (unregistered) on September 7th, 2004 @ 6:09 pm

    Not sure why, but we’ve been incredibly lucky whenever we needed gas, during both hurricanes. No lines, no running to different stations on vapors.

    I should probably keep my mouth shut, seeing as how we might have another gas shortage THIS weekend.

  3. Dawn (unregistered) on September 7th, 2004 @ 6:38 pm

    I grew up in Florida and my mother taught me that one of the first things you do when a hurricane is about 3 days away… GET GAS. Her theory was “you’ll use it one way or another and you can avoid lines”.

    This comes from a woman who went through the 70s gas crisis. I also shop ahead for my foodstuffs and basic supplies. But then again, I grew up on the coast. We HAD to be better prepared.

    My other tip of the day – start eating out of your freezer about 48 hours prior and replace everything you take out with a bag of ice that you bag from your automatic ice maker.

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