It’s not lightning

Last night our power went out about 20 minutes after I said we were probably in the clear (figures), but returned in about 30 minutes. Our back porch faces the OUC substation on Pershing and so their lights usually go out when ours do (but often come back on BEFORE ours do).

During Charley my husband and I saw strange green light flashes many times that we thought were lightning. We later learned it was probably a transformer blowing.

After the 30 minute outage we had several smaller outages that were preceded by that same greenish light. One was so large it took up our entire field of vision and was accompanied by a large ‘BOOM’. Fortunately, that was the extent of our outages through the whole hurricane.

I did see ‘no school’ for Orange County Tuesday, which is kind of frustrating, but also understandable. My son just started preschool this year and hasn’t had a full week yet! I sure hope things return to normal soon.

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