Out and About

At about 3pm Blog Girl and I ventured out to the RaceTrac and 7-11 near us to see if anyone was open. Everything was closed up tight. We only saw 4 or 5 other cars on the road. At the urging of Sheriff Beary, Orange County Chairman Rich Crotty has increased the length of tonight’s curfew, moving it up from 9pm to 6pm so that now we have a 6 to 6 curfew. Sheriff Beary did his best to make it clear that no one should be on the roads, even now, by barking “STAY OFF THE ROADS!!!” from the podium at the news conference.

On our short trip out we did see some new damage from Frances, but nothing near the scope of the destruction that Charley visited on us. Several streetwater drains are clogged with debris, causing some localized flooding. A few trees have broken branches or limbs, but nothing was uprooted.

OIA has announced they will open at noon on Monday for people who already have tickets/reservations. Disney World says they will open on Monday, as will Sea World and Discovery Cove. I haven’t heard yet about Universal, but they and the Mouse are usually in lockstep on this type of thing.

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