I was about to type an entry when my power went off. Then it came back on, then it went back off. Now it’s back on again.

I can’t lose power this early!!! Not only am I dependant on it (aren’t we all?), but I have a three year old who is highly addicted to watching the weather, so he’s been having a blast the last day or so. All of those new ‘tools’ Tom Terry has been whipping out have kept him quite entertained.

I have lots of things to occupy him when the power DOES go out, but if it’s going to be days or weeks of no power, I think I’ll be carted away to a padded room somewhere. And as long as IT has power, I’ll probably be very happy.

Right now it looks like Frances has stalled, probably so she can pick up speed and really wham us hard. I just keep thinking back to Charley, when Central Floridians had less than a day

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  1. Tracy (unregistered) on September 4th, 2004 @ 5:34 pm

    My Mom lives in Fort Pierce. I have family in Okeechobee and in Orlando. I haven’t heard from anyone. I’m a nervous wreck. Just heard on the weather channel that a building just fell into the friggin’ ocean in Fort Pierce.

    Hi Solonor and Chari! I’m thinking of all of you right now.

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