It’s Almost Like Martial Law

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is “asking” everyone to be off the roads by 2pm Saturday afternoon. But, in case people don’t respond appropriately to being asked nicely, the County Chairman has issued an executive order imposing a 9pm to 6am curfew on Saturday and Sunday night. If you’re out driving around, a nice deputy will stop you, request ID and your reason for being on the road. If it’s not a good enough reason (like you’re a world famous heart surgeon rushing to the hospital to save the County Chairman from imminent death) then you’re going to be safely escorted to the county jail.

Now, frankly, I have no desire to be out in the coming deluge. People in Orlando (the majority of which are either tourists or…well, let’s just leave it at that, no need to make enemies right off the bat) drive like learning impaired individuals as it is in good weather. Why on earth would I want to be on the road with them in a monsoon? But, if I have to get to my family or friends because they need my help, I’ll be very unhappy if I get sidetracked to Orange County’s favorite party place.

It was surprising, the number of businesses that were closed up already today. Stores, banks even the little girl with the lemonade stand on our block, had hung up the “Closed” sign and hunkered down at home. The theme parks first announced they were closing at 3pm, but after yet another change in the projected path and a further slowing of the speed of Frances, they opted to stay open a little longer (6pm) to give visitors (because no intelligent resident is going to be out there right now) their money’s worth.

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