Anybody heard of this thing called Frances?

Well for two days that’s all we’ve been doing. Eating, sleeping and breathing Frances. We stand in horribly long lines at home improvement stores, we fight over the last cans of tuna and we cut off people in traffic as we try to get our family and possessions safe.

What is ironic is when this is all over with (but at 9 miles an hour it could takes DAYS!!!), we will all be shoulder to shoulder and neighbor helping neighbor like I saw after Charley.

I just hate the anticipation. It’s giving me heart palpitations.

It occurs to me, odd though it may seem, that I’m actually (in a weird sort of way) looking forward to watching this wrath of nature. I know I know… I have a house and children to protect and as long as we’re not at risk for serious injury, I am completely fascinated by this entire thing.

I spent a lot of time on the front porch just watching Charley go by. My family thought I was nuts, but soon they joined me and we watched the trees bend in the wind and the big gusts of windy rain… it was very poetic in a way.

This is my 6th major hurricane and while I respect its might and am in awe of the true force of nature, I am going to miss air conditioning… ice…. and cold beer. But as I told my children… think of it as an adventure; think of it as camping. Bring it on Frances.

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