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Orlando Weekly Weighs In On New Performing Arts Center

For those interested in the various performing arts groups that call Orlando home, an article in this week’s Orlando Weekly takes a look at whether the groups the new Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center will be aimed at housing can actually afford to be in the venue once it’s open.

Writer Billy Manes profiles the three biggies in town – the symphony, the ballet and the opera company – and looks at what the new rents will cost each one, along with commentary from people involved as to how that cost will probably be passed onto the city’s patrons of the arts.

From the article:

“The Orlando Opera Company, the Orlando Ballet and the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra will be the primary residents of the new performing arts center’s secondary, 1,800-seat hall when it opens in 2012. But their transition from the relatively humble Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre won’t be as easy as it might seem on paper. Increased rental rates, production costs and expectations could make or break these niche organizations, which are supported primarily by grant money and private donations. And United Arts of Central Florida, which is struggling with governmental funding cuts and diminishing private donations, may no longer be able to shore up local arts groups.”

If you can’t find a copy around town, OW has the article online for reading. And thankfully, they’ve restrained from Manes’ normal overuse of bold type that permeates his regular print column.

I think it brings up some really good points. Sure it’ll be nice to see these groups in a nicer venue, but will the people of Orlando be willing to pay more to do so? What are your thoughts?

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