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seen about town…

Maybe it’s just me, but I would think if you’re going to spend the money to put a gigantic static sticker on your van like this, you might want to proofread it for spelling errors first.

(Phone number blurred on purpose)

Jesus In the Sky

Spotted in the sky over Walt Disney World:

Now, while I appreciate the sentiment, I can’t help but think Jesus would have appreciated the money spent on the skywriting be used in more charitable ways…like a local food bank or homeless shelter.

But maybe that’s just me…

Add To the Metroblogging Orlando Flickr Photo Pool

As you read down the page, you may notice a small Flickr badge in the right column, showcasing photos taken in and around Orlando.

Did you know you can contribute to that photo pool?

That’s right, the Metroblogging Orlando photo group is open to anyone who has a Flickr account. Simply visit the main page for the group at and click “join this group” on the top right side of the page. Then under your “organize” tab (found at the very top of the page), you’ll find a section to add your photos to groups you’ve joined.

All we ask is that you make sure any photos you donate showcase Orlando and it’s surrounding area. We also would definitely prefer quality over quantity, so please, only the photos you consider to be your best shots.

Any questions or comments about the Flickr group, send them our way. We look forward to seeing how you view Orlando through a camera.

Treat yourself right

Oh, I like the pressure of a free market.
They even sell you homeopathic medicine to cope with poor concentration due to overwork.


Spotted at Chamberlain’s health food store.

What is the X Building?

I work in the Winter Park area (the green arrow) and always noticed this large building next door and its odd shape. I decided to look it up in Google Maps and noticed that the odd shape is indeed an ‘X’. Someone told me it used to be some sort of government office but now it seems to be abandoned (despite the cars parked around it in the Google Maps picture).

If it’s not abandoned, does anyone know what this building is or what sort of operation it used to house? Until I get a credible answer I’ll just assume it is the base of operations for our local chapter of the Avengers or some other such super-hero group. Although if there are superheroes stationed in the place they certainly aren’t doing their jobs.

Let’s hear it for the highest crime rate in Orlando history!


I know Julie already posted a picture of Space Shuttle Discovery, but I spent the day on the Indian River and thought I’d share a few of the pictures I took. I only wish I would have had a more impressive camera to use.

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