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Hurricane World

Here in the area 1 mile north of Orlando International Airport we have not lost power yet, except in short few second durations, nor have we lost cable TV or Internet access. I bow down to OUC and their record in keeping power on or restoring it much more quickly than the other power companies around here do.

Our roof is torn up badly, however I can’t see any leaks in it yet. But we will have no choice except to get a new one. Maybe I’ll wait until Ivan has come and gone, lol. Can you believe another one may be here in a week?

It was nice to be able to stay online through most of the night with friends and family during the storm, knowing that they were OK. I am worried about the ones we have not been able to contact yet or that have not posted to their blogs or here in MetroBlog. Hoping that it is just a case of no power and nothing worse than that.

Welcome to Hurricane World in Orlando, Florida.

Hurricane Fun:

Obviously, hurricanes are not fun, but what we do as we wait for it to be over should be, particularly in the eyes of children.

Think about the pressure we go through as an adult, watching something this huge moving forward, knowing the dangers it brings, and knowing there

Dang, she’s still here

Frances. The dinner guest that wouldn’t leave.

We’re having a wicked storm going on right now. Fox35 just said we’re supposed to be getting the stuff that the coast has been dealing with in about 10 minutes. Hunker down!

I’ll update this afternoon, if possible. For now, everyone is well.


I was awakened by the substantial increase of winds and rain. It seems some of the actual storm has finally arrived. We lost electrical power at about the same time so I am doing to turn my computer off and only post again with breaking news. Good luck to everyone!

The Big Ugly… not the Big Bad Yet

It’s 3:27am as I write this, and there’s a big, ugly, gusty band -or ‘squall’ as they call it- coming through this area right now. The pressure can be felt against the walls of the house.

Power did flicker twice, but I’m hoping it will still hold. I’ll keep online as long as power allows.

Please, be safe everyone.

Making Landfall

As news just noted, Frances has begun to make landfall in Stuart. Even though the center of this storm has barely begun to touch land, its effects can be felt all the way up to Deltona/Lake Monroe area, where tornado activity and sightings have been reported.

There were several tornadoes reported in our Metro Area when Hurricane Charley made a beeline across our state; the fact that we are hearing reports already raises concerns. So far, I’ve heard of no reports around Downtown or the surrounding areas.

Ross Cavitt, WFTV Channel 9 Eyewitness News, needs to seek cover. He just about got blown away by sustained winds.

Creeping Closer

Yep, since not all of us have provided bios, intros to each other might be in order after the storm. :)

It’s almost 10:15pm as I type this and I obviously still have power. I just heard that 10,000 people in Seminole County are without power and I think KlutzyGirl, who is staying at her parents home in Oviedo, must be among those poor folks because I haven’t heard from her since this morning. I’m wondering about others who haven’t posted in a while. If you’re online, let us know.

The wind and rain are getting worse here near OIA. Forecasts call for 80MPH winds, which will not be as bad as the 100MPH winds we had with Charley. As Zee points out, it’s the tornadoes that will worry me the most, I can go out and play in a hurricane, but tornadoes are nasty creations of nature. We had at least one in our neighborhood during Charley and I don’t want to go through that again.

I don’t think I’ll be sleeping much tonight.

Frances the Tease

My wife actually yelled at Frances to “shit or get off the pot”.

This is just frustrating. The power’s gone off several times today. And since I don’t have a UPS, and I don’t want the PC fried when it goes off then zaps right back on, I’ve powered down and unplugged everything “for good” at least three times. But then it will go for hours with nothing but a bit of rain and wind. So, I get bored and plug it back in again… only to have another squall go through and blow it out.

Wah. Wah. Wah. Bitch and moan.

Let’s find something else to talk about, shan’t we?

Mother Nature’s Force


Smackdown Frances

Well, it’s 7:19pm and we still have power down here by Orlando International Airport. We had a couple of “burps” that made it necessary to reset every digital clock in the cave, but that’s been the extent of it. Our friends over in Belle Isle, about 4 miles away, lost their power at 4pm and haven’t gotten it restored yet. Progress Energy’s record in that area indicate it won’t be back on soon. Fortunately they bought a generator and are able to keep their food cold and a fan going to circulate air.

If I’m understand the reports correctly, Frances is making landfall further south than predicted. I believe that would mean we would feel less of her effects than expected. I hope so anyway.

I’m also hoping the power stays on until at least 10pm so I can tape Smackdown, lol.

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