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Cops Getting Cute.. Again wonder criminals have no fear and regard to the law enforcement in Central Florida. Days after a child is shot in the stomach by a stray bullet we get front page news of our esteemed officers hard at work writing tickets for productive members of the working force wearing fun costumes again. Oh the good times! Seriously guys, if you feel the need to strap on some ridiculous outfits try a Batman suit or something and go stop the murderous criminals plaguing our city. This kind of stuff is just way out of line. People are afraid of dying and you think it’s time to get cute with the tickets. Pathetic.

Dog Bites [Innocent] Man

Police%20Dog.jpgAn innocent man was attacked by an off duty police dog in Lake County yesterday.
This has always bothered me. I think it is highly unethical to use canines as pursuit and detainment methods. If it is not acceptable for a police officer to lunge on and bite into the flesh of a suspect, then it should be no more acceptable for an officer to use a dog as a conduit for that same action. As well, these dogs do not volunteer for dangerous duty, they are pressed into service. I don’t care how much it is said they enjoy their work, they enjoy any attention a human gives them. I think it is completely fine to make use of canine’s excellent sensory advantages to assist officers in searches, but only after the area and suspect are secured by human officers. When you use dogs, no matter how well trained, you are putting an animal in ultimate control of a citizens well being during a police action. That to me is unconscionable and totally outside of civil rights protections. Thoughts?

Tranquil Orlando

As laid back as Florida is, life in Orlando can get a little hectic and stressful sometimes. If it’s not a mountain of tasks in your in box at work or tearing your hair out reading the news, it’s the endless little tasks that life requires to function that always eat up your free time. I guess it’s the same all over the country in that aspect, but I think Orlando residents have a little ace up their sleeve when it comes to winding down, if even just a little bit.

Risking literally life and limb from vicious alligator attack, I took a little over an hour out of my busy holiday weekend to slip the old canoe into my closest lake and soak some plastic worms. It was well past noon and the bite was over by the time I got out, but I caught something even more fulfilling then a hefty largemouth. I landed a little time to enjoy the nature of Orlando and unwind, even if just for a little bit. I’ve read that the only other state with as many lakes in the US is Minnesota, but a hefty potion of those are located right here in Central Florida. For us in Orlando you only need to take a few minutes walk in any direction and your chances of running into a lake or pond are pretty good.

That day I had the entire lake to myself, where usually there are a couple skiers and a bass boat. I guess the long weekend gave people an excuse to flee town, which gave me the run of the water. There is something soothing and relaxing about soaking some sun up while hearing your canoe glide through the water, the wind rustling some reeds. Turtles pop their heads up one by one around you, while you might catch site of an elusive bass among a sunken tree, or a brightly colored Florida gar coming to check you out.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the bustling city and your busy life are right there on the shore, and that’s what makes all the difference!


Terror Alert: GREEN

Man defending neighbor kills alligator in Loxahatchee

“It was him or us.”

Wow, effing, wow. Next thing you know Wal-Mart and Channel 13 are going to be promoting gator safety kits and anti-gator repellent. Wait a minute…*runs to patent office*

“Who runs Bartertown?”

So the ordinance to limit the feeding of the homeless passed, albeit in a slightly altered form. Now not only do you need a permit to feed groups of 15 or more people, but the city gets to decide where you feed them. The ordinance must still go before the City Council for a second vote before it becomes law, but it is basically a done deal.

I find it interesting how they cite crime as one of the reasons for introducing this ordinance, thinking that it will curb minor theft and break-ins from the homeless. No, they are just going to be more inclined to do so since they can’t get free food easily and/or the crime is just going to be pushed out toward the fringe areas that the city leaders care a lot less about. Everybody wins! Well, except for the losers of course, but they don’t pay taxes so screw them.

Like I said before, perhaps if the city approached the homeless situation as a humanitarian problem than as a nuisance to the rich then maybe the crime would disappear as well. You don’t get rid of a weed by just running it over with a mower, you’ve got to get at the root.

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