We’re Still Ticked Off! Huzzah.

Oh, dear Orlando Sentinel–I’m so, so very glad you gave into the immense peer pressure and returned Ticked Off to its former glory, as it was before the redesign.


How could we have lived without it? Why, today ALONE, there is so much to recommend:

More people are riding the buses these days. Some of the bus riders need to take baths more often, especially during hot summer months. That person may be you.

People smell on the bus?! HOW DARE THEY?!

Thank you to the gentleman golfer at the WP Country Club for saving this lost soul with excellent directions to the WP Racquet Club. You really saved my day.

He can’t fool me…he means the golfer’s caddy gave directions to his limo driver.

The Orlando Sentinel: Giving a voice to rich douchebags and cranky snowbirds since 1876.

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