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Alright, we’ve obviously hit a nerve or two with our spirited discussions about Orlando’s reaction to New Orleans, and my theories about why we feel that way.

In the interests of fairness, check out these posts over here, here, here, and here on Metroblogging New Orleans. I think they raise some valid points and discuss the subject intelligently, which was the point of my posts, so mission accomplished.

Hey, I’m not pleased with myself for getting irritated with New Orleans. I’m just exploring the reasons why I would feel this way–why, even for a second, would I get mad at a city full of people who face years of cleanup and images they probably see in their nightmares? The one thing I have discovered through these posts is that everyone is myopic in their own pain…sort of like having your thumb slammed in a car door, and even if someone next to you has a broken leg, you can’t think about anything else until you get your thumb out of the freakin’ car door. And that’s probably the major issue here.

My mind has changed about a couple of things after reading the rebuttals on MB New Orleans. First of all, I should not have said that the entire city washed out into the Gulf. Portions, yes, but the Metbloggers aren’t posting from a remote island someplace. :) Second of all, this is less of a hurricane thing and more of a flood thing–which makes an ugly amount of difference to people’s insurance companies, I’m sure. Who was to blame for the flood? Let the debates begin. They’re going to rage on through the ages, so we might as well get started now.

But I’m tired about hearing blame and disaster. That’s the real reason we’re all becoming hardened to this thing. Do you realize how few GOOD things are reported about New Orleans right now? I think America’s perception will change as some major rebuilding projects get underway…we all have a strange intolerance for victims, but an incorrigible love of the underdog. (And yes, I probably just spelled “incorrigible” wrong.)

Hurricane Charlie victims in Port Charlotte lost their FEMA trailers this week. My friends went to volunteer in Mississippi to help with the storm damage, and they told tales of giant casino boats turned sideways and houses they couldn’t even find anymore. Lots of people who got slammed in the car door, don’t you think? Maybe we should have this discussion in five years and see what we have to say about things.

This is a fun post because MB Orlando will be mad at me for “backing down,” and MB New Orleans will probably say I “still don’t get it.” Comments are disabled; take your flame wars outside. And save me a barstool anyplace on the Riverwalk, if you’ll still have me. Just remember I’ve got a seat for you on Duval Street when Florida’s number finally comes up…

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