Whither the Main Street Electrical Parade?


We have been deceived, my friends, and I am outraged!

Correct me if I’m wrong here–and you always do!–but does anyone else remember the ad campaign that showed one of the original, loveable, light-up floats with the wistful tagline, “Come say goodbye one last time”? I seem to recall standing out in the drizzling rain, surrounded by five million and two park guests, all crowding around the see the Main Street Electrical Parade’s last stand at the Magic Kingdom. I remember being terribly sad that my little cousin, age two, would be unable to recall seeing Pete’s Dragon lumber past the Emporium as I had so many times before.

Did any of that happen? It did, right?

I’m asking because I was innocently watching a travel show tonight about Disney’s California Adventure park in Anaheim. Imagine my surprise when–in a program produced in 2003–our host was filmed watching…yes, THE MAIN STREET ELECTRICAL PARADE.

Excuse me. Someone has been trifling with my emotions.

This is not an official Disney press release, but this article on–for lack of a better term–a fan site has some interesting details…from 2001. Things are sort of foggy about the fate of that parade, actually. Google “Main Street Electrical Parade” and you’ll see what I mean. There’s a somewhat murky Wikipedia entry, and a lot of memorabilia from the faux “ending” back in ’96 (was it that long ago??).

But then I went out to the official Disney website…and here it is, folks.

I’m sick of Anaheim. I have been kicked in the teeth. First they took away our animation studio at MGM Studios, and now they tell us our parade is dead so they can snatch it and run it with the words “A California Classic” on the side. CALIFORNIA? Their parks are so small, they could fit in my apartment! If anything is going to be “classic” Disney, it should be right here at Walt’s dream resort.

But then, I’m probably just bitter…

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  1. John Frost (unregistered) on September 22nd, 2006 @ 12:30 pm

    The Official Disney position is that the parade was just being retired from the part it was playing at. It never played at California Adventure, so it can safely play there and not violate the ‘glowing away forever’ promotion. Think of The Rolling Stones, Barbara Streisand or Cher, they never go away either despite how many retirement tours.

    That said, the ‘Disney Electrical Parade’, as it’s called now, is ‘mostly’ 1970s technology (gee, lights that blink in time to the music). There has to be something Disney can do to come up with a more exciting night time parade. Even the local SpectroMagic, while still majestic, has a dated feel in many of its floats.

    Disneyland did replace MSEP with a parade, Light Magic… let’s just say it wasn’t the brightest move they ever made.

  2. Beth (unregistered) on September 26th, 2006 @ 8:41 pm

    You are absolutely right, Julie. WE deserve that parade. And the true genius of the parade was not really the lights, it was the wonderful Don Dorsey music. The current parade is turgid & plodding by comparison.

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