I won’t post the scores right here in case you’ve got them TiVo’ed and you didn’t watch them yet, but if you’ve already seen the Week 2 NFL games, go ahead and click to read more.

Florida is a desolate football wasteland.

The official stats on the carnage were a 14-3 Tampa Bay loss in Atlanta, while Dolphins were concurrently losing to the Bills 16-6.

Jax hasn’t played yet (it’s about 6:30), but they’re playing Pittsburgh, which means I may have to watch the game with a vodka tonic.

My dad, a Fish fan, is moaning about the name-brand QB’s down in Miami who aren’t getting the job done.

As a Bucs fan, I have lost the will to moan…I guess I could pin a little blame on Chris Simms, but he’s the least of Jon Gruden’s problems (especially considering Gruden has always been particularly good with QB’s). This entire team looks disjointed and out-of-sync across the board. Do you realize we’re going into Week 3 with exactly 0 touchtowns? And could someone please tell me the last time they heard a penalty called for “driving a quarterback into the ground”? It’s called an OFFENSIVE LINE, people! Get one!

Florida loves football. This week, it does not love us back. (I’d upload a photo or two for you, but my computer is not working properly and besides, you don’t really need to be reminded.)

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