For The Record, Marty Collins Has a Website

I mentioned at the end of my recent post about Conway area crime that candidate Marty Collins, in the race for Stewart’s seat on the county commission, needed to get his profile completed on the Orlando Sentinel’s voter guide. Well, he has done so, I’m sure not because of anything I ever said, but it’s interesting to note Collins also has had a MySpace page. For the record, incumbent Linda Stewart’s campaign site still displays a big “coming soon” message. Apparently she is waiting for the election to complete before beginning her online campaign.

I find it interesting that the Sentinel in this article that finally acknowledged the existence of Collins’ intelligent use of online media as a campaign tool made the statement:

While other candidates in other races, including District 4, have Web sites touting their candidacy, MySpace is different.

Does it not make sense to mention the incumbent’s neglect in this area? Hmm, maybe Stewart being the Sentinel’s darling in this race has something to do with glossing over the stark comparison of Collins campaign vs Stewart, new guard vs old guard, in an article specifically about online campaigning in District 4!

And then there’s this page on the local news 13 channel’s site (which is a Brighthouse and Orlando Sentinel joint effort.) A little more than halfway down you’ll see the listing for the candidates of district 4’s race. Apparently Collins has no web site according to them, and neither does JP Quinones. I’m sorry, we all know that isn’t true, I’m quite sure I discovered the link for Quinones on the Sentinel voter guide and the existence of Collins’ MySpace page on the previously mentioned article. But, Stewart has a link, the only candidate who actually DOESN’T have a site. But, they were kind enough to do some leg work and find and link her bio on the Orange County government site, which is not a campaign site. Interesting to note that this courtesy was not extended to 2 other candidates.

I doubt this is some kind of intentional sabotage, but I do not doubt that the age of the candidate and the favoritism of the editorship towards Stewart has played a roll in how serious these media outlets are taking Collins which directly would relate to whether or not they practice due diligence in researching and reporting their facts accurately. It is a MySpace page, afterall, and I couldn’t expect a dinosaur like the Orlando Sentinel to understand that this is indeed a campaign site, but I would think that the giant coming soon message still on Stewart’s campaign page that the voter guide links to would be understood and noted in an appropriate article.

In any case, I’ve yet to hear anything from Stewart, or anyone in office quite frankly, regarding the escalation of crime in the Conway area, even after the discovery of a dead man floating in Lake Conway with duct tape and a tire nearby (sounds like an episode of The Shield.) I supposed she’s too busy preparing for this touchy-feely event (outside of her district) to be bothered by such unpleasant issues. She IS going to revisit the idea of locking that lake lot up at night at the next council meeting, so I guess we can all sleep safely knowing Stewart is hard at work.

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  1. Terry Howard (unregistered) on September 3rd, 2006 @ 9:15 pm

    Reading the OC bio page for Stewart I noticed this under public service: Drowning Prevention Task Force member, Current.
    A little bit of dark irony for you.

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