This Stinks!


OK, this is taken directly from the official announcement on the NASA website:

“NASA is preparing to roll Atlantis off its launch pad and back inside the protection of the Vehicle Assembly Building Tuesday morning to protect it from the winds of Tropical Storm Ernesto. Mission managers are still maintaining the option to leave Atlantis at the pad in the unlikely event the storm changes.”

But here is a live, actual map from the NOAA of what Ernesto is up to:


That thing is going to be nothing but a big ol’ thunderstorm by the time it gets to the Cape! It’ll be so small by the time it runs over Miami that it’ll probably drizzle on the Atlantic coast. Just enough of a threat to delay the launch…the story of NASA’s life…

But yes, let’s take a minute–along with our friends over on Metblogs New Orleans–to be grateful that this is all Ernesto is gonna do. I’m just mad that Ernesto exists right now, that’s all!

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